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The meaning of currency conversion and forex market

Direct currency conversion is a method used in currency change processes who wish to buy or sell currencies, follows the news of currency conversion to be able to get a winning trade.



It is possible to make significant gains by converting currencies in local or international capital markets. So many investors seek to trade through currency conversion and the Forex market.

What do we mean by the word direct currency conversion

Currency conversion in general is the process of changing a currency in another currency in other words, in other words, the process by which a foreign currency is purchased at the equivalent of its price value in the local currency of a country.

Definition of currency conversion:

It is a process that everyone has been doing for ages. When you travel to any other country you need to buy that country's currency.

You should follow currency conversion rates directly to see the value of your local currency against the value of other countries' currencies.

How to follow currency conversion directly:

Many people wonder how to follow direct currency conversion, how to trade through currency exchange process easy to follow currency exchange rates, you can do this by following the currency markets on a daily basis or subscribing to services that provide currency exchange rates.

Let's find out about the global currency exchange market or Forex market and how to trade it:

The global currency exchange market is the market through which foreign exchange is bought and bought and the trade is to know the value of one currency against another.

To do the trade:

You need to select the currency pair you want to trade in. The value of the currency pair increases when the value of the pair increases by the appreciation of the first currency against the value of the second currency and the depreciation of the pair in the event of a devaluation of the first currency is the second currency or the appreciation of the second currency.

Terms used in the Forex market:

  • Point The 0.0001 pip represents the currency rate and is the primary unit for measuring the change in the price of currency pairs.
  • Spread:Spreads reflect the price difference of the currency pair;
  • Margin:The amount of money available in a trader's account.
  • Leverage:It is a means by which a Forex broker provides the trader with capital, which increases the trading volume of the broker's clients.

There are two ways to trade currencies in the Forex market (the global currency market), namely:

  • Forex Instant: The first method is the actual process of buying and selling currencies.
  • CFDs:It is one of the trading methods available in all financial markets whether the Forex market or stock markets represent contracts for differences an easy way to trade so using this method you can trade without owning the assets that are traded and at the same time benefit from the price difference between the selling price and the purchase price.


It is the most widespread trading method in the world, everyone uses this method to obtain foreign currencies, which is a process not limited to investors and traders only, but is available to everyone where any traveler makes a currency conversion to be able to get the currency of the country going to visit.