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What is Google AdWords And How it Works

Google Ad-words ads if you are a site holder of commercial activities and want to develop and develop your business you have to focus your mind on using Google Ad-words ads.


In this article, he will show you everything you need to know about Google AdWords ads so that you can do your business successfully. 

What are the modern features offered by Google Adwords ads:

Google AdWords ads offer distinctive strategic services that may develop your advertising plans.

Google AdWords offers you a range of advanced advertising strategies that allow you to choose from those strategies that are suitable for your business that you own better and better.

The reason why we focus on using Google AdWords ads is that it is the most popular system in reviewing funded ads.

It is used by most businessmen and owners of marketing companies and this is because it shows all the benefits available to the customer even and they do not have the equivalent funds to invest and practice business activities in funded campaigns and this is because Google AdWords allows the customer to display his ads and this by allocating a low budget or suitable so that they are suitable for customers and accessible to all.

Search network campaigns:

Google AdWords aims to show the ad it offers to users when they are looking for the products and services it offers. View the business activity in google searches.

Every day researchers and users on google search engine those millions of search procedures this helps you to use your commercials on the search network by introducing potential customers to your own brand and also their search on the purchase of your services and products displayed and do the necessary actions to complete the purchases.

Search engine optimize:

One of the basics that digital or electronic marketing targets is the improvement and development of search engines to display commercials effectively and distinctively.

Search engines are filled with a lot of opportunities in the world of marketing and of course those opportunities we can take and get through professionalism in using search tools and choose the right keywords and then after this you can develop and improve your search results campaigns to make sure you get as much revenue as possible you pay.

Types of ads available to be created on Google AdWords :

There are 5 ways to advertise on Google AdWords and we will review them in this article to benefit effectively so that you are aware of the choice of the right type for you, your business products and your target audience.

Type 1: Advertising or search network campaign 

This type of advertising is intended to reach your customers interested in a specific service or product, which means that this form of advertising reaches people who search using Google for certain things or solutions.

Once you use this type of advertising for Google AdWords Google will show your ad to the researcher audience, we notice the appearance of your ad along with search results that are available or appear to the public when he writes a specific concept or keyword that revolves around what you shop for in your commercials or the topic you write about.

Type 2: Ad Network Campaign

The advertising network campaign on Google AdWords is very excellent and great for entrepreneurs in providing them with opportunities to put or enable their ads among other sites, whether those sites news or other, or to put its ads or host them in a public form among blogs.

If you choose this type of Google AdWords you have to take into account the interest in searching for important pages of your products or business, and in this way you can successfully and easily prepare and do your marketing campaigns for people looking for the right solutions you may have but they do not know anything about your business services.

Commercial network subsidies enable you to review or provide knowledge that helps people, where you offer or make choices for them so that they can know a lot of details and this is in mind that they can not know much about your brand yet.

Type 3: Shopping Ads

This type of Google Ads offers very good experiences and experiences for the user, when this user searches for a service or a product can have this type of Google ads to find or search a lot of options, and in this way or this way the user can compare prices i.e. this means a comparison between many suppliers.

Shopping ads manage the processes of generating web traffic on the Internet and so to the website or your online store, this type of Google displays a picture showing it to your product with a simple and concise explanation of all the characteristics and features and also in addition to the price also mentions the name of the store site to display other important side information about brands or brand.

Type 4: Video ads or video campaign

We do not forget the love and passion of people to watch videos on the internet, because the videos are a simple and fast tool will understand the world that the user is looking for as it is a fast and available process in the consumption of the world.

In order to gain the interaction of users or customers in a distinctive way and the success of your ad you have to place or display your ad that includes video, and you can also use the YouTube app itself or itself in the presentation of your video or make it available in other sites shared with Google in making ads available through video.

You may ask how to pay for the ads presented in the form of video, that the budget related to the form of payment on the ad or the preparation of the video is the number of views.

Type 5: App Ads or Google AdWords Ads App

The advantage offered by this type of Google AdWords of advertising that he does not tend to create a series or a group of ads, Google AdWords uses ideas available to you in texts for an advertisement, and based on those ideas Google is doing marketing campaigns in different ways and forms and networks available to all.

It also does not forget to complete the launch sings of advertising campaigns, and the presentation of division and specialization in a totally aggregate dis-aggregated form, which makes it compatible with advertising tools.

What benefits do Google ads offer?

As we spoke at the beginning of the article, you can or be able to determine or allocate the budget or amount that you want to list daily or monitor for the same advertisement and this ability is focused on the features or benefits offered or made available to you by Google AdWords .

Although that great benefit offered by Google AdWords that there are already important and distinctive side benefits to complete the presentation of advertising campaigns on it successfully and we can offer you those benefits below:

  • You can change the material value you want to pay on every click you make on the ad through the campaign in its northern est.
  • You can start or stop your advertising campaigns at the time you want as they do not force you to commit to any binding contract for that benefit.
  • You can pay for the ad through your credit card or debit card or through an invoice positive, but of course this is different in the ways and means available to pay through a country and country so you have to know or know how to pay for your country.
  • You can keep track of your return on investment rates perfectly.

Costs of using Google AdWords

As we mentioned earlier in the importance of Google AdWords that it is available or it is possible to prepare ads on Google AdWords with a low budget available to all where you do not require to spend a lot of money on the ads you offer.

The physical value you pay google AdWords to do your ad successfully and easily on the set of clicks that you succeed in getting by users in the ad you are running or your ad campaign, where you know this value at a cpc.

In other words, you pay for Google AdWords only when users open your ad with a click and collect those clicks and pay for them and obviously every click made by the ad user this means that this user wants to advertise and accused of searching for it and what your ad shows from the content it wants or intends to buy your services.

explain the creation of an ad on Google AdWords

Now that we've reviewed the benefits and benefits of advertising on Google AdWords , we will explain or detail how the ad for your business on Google AdWords

First, create an account in Google AdWords

Visit the home page of Google AdWords and then click on the Start now button to create your account, log in through Google with a password for your mail.

Then a page appears for you that wants you to complete information about your account, including:

    • The type of account, whether it is owned by individual or commercial.
    •  Your ID number is for personal identification or investigation.
    •  Date of birth.
    •  Your address and business name.
    •  Phone number.
    •  How to pay for Google AdWords for ads.

It is assumed that Google imposes a lower budget that cannot be downloaded from it and this is different of course as we mentioned from one country to another.

Agree to the terms put forward and click register, then you will see a screen that tells you the registration has been completed on Google AdWords .

Second: Creating an advertising campaign

Since you finished the first step, you are ready to start creating your first ad campaign on Google AdWords .

Click on the overload signal near the new camp sentence.

Select the target you want to run your advertising campaigns whether by selling a product or inviting people to sign up for your site

Select the type of campaign and determine it based on your marketing strategy and business.

Third: Preparing an advertising group  

Choose the keywords that the user is targeting to get your work while searching and then click Continue and Save.

Fourth: Preparing an ad within the same advertising group

Continue to complete your ad, place your web page that you want to advertise, fill in existing boxes, then click Continue and save.

At the end of the article in which we reviewed everything related to the ad on Google AdWords , share this article with others for benefit.

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