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Chubb Auto Insurance Reviews For Year 2020

If you are an enthusiast of classic or luxury cars, you probably know Chubb for its reputation for excellent customer service. The company offers amenities and perks not seen at many insurers, and it’s known for giving its customers and their cars excellent treatment. 


That special treatment and the high-end services the company provides comes at a price; Chubb is probably not the best choice for those looking for a bargain.

Chubb insurance overview

Chubb has been selling insurance both in the U.S. and globally for more than 100 years. The company prides itself on its attention to detail and going the extra steps to create a positive customer experience. Organizations that assess customer service, such as the Better Business Bureau and National Association of Insurance Commissioners agree: Chubb routinely earns scores above the industry average. Chubb car insurance services all 50 states and 53 other countries.

Chubb offers standard auto insurance options. Included in Chubb’s basic offerings are some unusual extras, including generous rental car reimbursement of up to $15,000, worldwide rental car coverage and reimbursement for using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Chubb’s coverage also come with higher limits than other companies, including up to $10 million in personal liability coverage.

One unique coverage is if your vehicle is totaled, Chubb will pay to have all your personal information and data, including phone numbers and garage door codes deleted from the car’s computers.

Optional add-ons include classic car coverage, agreed value coverage, road service coverage and coverage that will pay off your lease, even if it’s more than the car is worth.

Although Chubb insurance company is widely known for excellent customer service, it prefers you to work directly with an agent. There’s no online quote tool, as many insurers have, so you need to make a phone call to get a premium price for your vehicle. The company does have a useful app that allows you to pay your bill, make a claim, and otherwise manage your account. You can also file a claim at their website.  


Chubb insurance rates

Chubb insurance is not going to have the lowest possible rates for your auto insurance. All those extra perks and great coverage options come at a price, and Chubb has focused on cultivating the high-wealth customer market. 

Sample quotes for a standard policy in California on a Honda Accord may include the following:

21-year-old male     $7,943
21-year-old female     $7,308
30 year old female     $4,376

The Simple Dollar’s Chubb auto insurance review

Chubb offers several features that make it a winner for some people.  

Coverage options

Chubb coverage options are fairly extensive in it’s basic Masterpiece policy, and may include:
  • Bodily injury liability: This pays if someone in the other car is injured in an accident.
  • Property damage liability: This pays if the other car in an accident or another person’s property such as a fence or building is damaged.
  • Medical payments (MedPay) and personal injury protection (PIP): These cover medical costs to the driver and passenger in the policyholder’s car.
  • Collision: If a policyholder’s car is damaged by a collision or other road accident, this coverage pays.
  • Comprehensive: This pays for damage caused by anything that’s not a collision, from theft to hitting a deer.
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist: If the person in the other car doesn’t have any or enough insurance or the policyholder is in a hit-and-run, this will pay for losses.

Chubb insurance discounts

Although there aren’t a lot, Chubb does offer some standard discounts to bring down your premium costs:
  • Multi-car
  • Multi-policy
  • Anti-theft device
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Airbag, passive restraint, or daytime running lights
  • Defensive driving course

Other unique features

Here is where Chubb excels with features such as the following:
  • Use of original manufacturer (OEM) parts in all repairs.
  • High coverage limits, including up to $10 million for liability and $1 million for uninsured motorist.
  • Agreed value coverage, which means you and the company agree on the value of the car at the beginning of the policy and that value remains constant throughout the life of the policy with no depreciation. This option is particularly useful for classic cars.
  • Worldwide rental car coverage and rental car reimbursement of up to $15,000.
  • Pet coverage.
  • Claims settlement in any of the 54 countries Chubb serves.
  • Child seat replacement.

Chubb’s competition

Because one provider might not be the best for everyone, it can be helpful to compare it to other similar providers.
  • Amica Insurance: We named Amica best overall in our Best Car Insurance Companies of 2020 review. With top rankings from J.D. Power and Consumer Reports, Amica competes with Chubb insurance reviews in the best customer service category.
  • Geico: Also a top provider on our listing, Geico scores well for customer service and offers a smooth experience for policyholders using its website and app.
  • Progressive: If you’re looking for inexpensive quotes, Progressive should be on your list. It offers competitive pricing and an extensive array of discounts to bring your premium prices down even more.
  • USAA: This company ranks up with Amica for customer service, and its prices compare to Progressive. The only limiting factor is that it sells policies just to current and former military members and their families.

What others are saying

Insurance Journal posted an article on how Chubb is navigating Coronavirus and its impact on growth. CEO Evan Greenberg insisted that the company had “strong fundamentals,” but admitted that the times are challenging ones for the company, and in the short term, its profits will be impacted. Having said that, though, the company also announced sizeable grants for pandemic relief to charitable organizations such as Feeding America.

Chubb recently became the first major U.S. insurer to divest itself from writing policies for coal-fired power plants. The report says investors are pushing companies like Chubb to distance themselves from companies that contribute to climate change.

Several industry journals, including Carrier Management, reported that Chubb had sustained a hacker attack that may have compromised company data. Chubb says it’s working with law enforcement to track down the details, but denied that customer information had been stolen. 

Chubb’s auto insurance simplified

  • If you can afford to insure your car with Chubb, you’ll receive white glove treatment and lots of perks.
  • Extensive coverage options, some of them standard, outshine the offerings of most other insurers.
  • The company is not for bargain hunters, with premium prices that range near the top of the pack among insurers.
  • The website and app have Chubb online payments set up and work hard to make the customer experience smooth and efficient.

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