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5 inspiring marketing lessons you learn from giant companies

At the heart of business success lies in marketing, the vital role that marketing plays in the company's success is indisputable, global companies spend millions of dollars a month on marketing budgets, according to garter Research's 2016-2017 study, 


which revealed that companies spend nearly 1 2% of annual revenue on general marketing, the study concluded: "The largest companies (with annual revenues of $5 billion) spend 13% of revenue on marketing, while smaller companies (between $250 million and $500 million) ($250 million to $500 million) ($250 million to $500 million) spend Approximately 10% of annual revenue." (1) It is also well established that Apple, 

for example, and many of the most successful companies in the world spend more on marketing and sales than on research and development to ensure a strong brand and effective marketing strategy achieve sales, maintain customers and acquire new customers, build a reputation for the company, keep the company in the competition, increase return on investment... And many advantages.

Without marketing, the company gets a little promotion and attention, little revenue which means little opportunities for growth and success, if we are going to learn something about marketing the best and least expensive way to learn from the top players in the global market, we get free lessons from the most successful and successful marketing campaigns, and even from the marketing mistakes of those companies, here are 5 free and inspiring marketing lessons you can learn from the most successful giants in the world :

1. What do you know about community marketing? Domino's Pizza will tell you.

Residents of Milford, Delaware, woke up to a strange street scene in late December 2017, where they saw patches on asphalt with an unmistakable slogan for one of America's largest pizza chains, 

with the words "Oh! Domino's Pizza has blocked the road pits and put its logo with that ferry, and the company announced that it will provide $5,000 grants to 20 locations across the United States to help fill the pits and repair the cracked roads. In other cities and states such as Burbank, California, Athens, Georgia, and Bonneville, 

Texas, Milford was part of the project's pilot plan, domino's Pizza has launched a special website so that users can nominate their cities that are experiencing road drilling. Public.

Domino's Pizza, an American pizza chain founded in 1960, generated revenues of about $2.79 billion in 2017, in a funny definition of the gesture: "Its infrastructure project will prevent the destruction of pizza while it is being transported to customers."

Drilling costs about $3 billion a year for drivers, and the American Society of Civil Engineers believes it will cost $2.7 trillion to fully repair it,2 and every dollar that has not been spent on road repair this year will cost $7 in five years. (3)

Domino's Pizza partnered with the local government to try to implement an infrastructure project, in a major campaign to demonstrate the company's social conscience, in exchange for this modest investment, the company enjoyed a cover of extensive national media coverage on newspapers and social media.

Community Marketing is launching social activities such as investing in community improvement initiatives, if you want to learn from Domino's Pizza and start implementing a community marketing strategy, the field is wide open to providing services to the community around you, look for the services you need or the general problems your community is experiencing and provide a free service.

2. Learn from Oreo how to be prepared, and hit the iron while it is hot

This may be a fantasy in an age of accelerated lifestyle with a huge and massive flow of information, news, media materials and content, but there is no room for other options;

During the 2013 Super Bowl in the U.S. the game's power went out and the darkness prevailed, fans flocked to social media to comment on the order, with Oreo marketing team appearing at the front where they posted a picture of Oreo biscuits in the dark with the simple phrase: "You can still immerse yourself in the dark," the image was retweeted 10,000 times in one hour, and the image generated more than 21,000 likes on Facebook.

Biscuit giant Oreo, which produces 40 billion biscuits in 18 countries around the world each year, is one of many brands that have successfully established their social media presence and have a wide range of followers, thanks to a variety of successful marketing techniques including a strong and impressive presence in social media marketing.

We learn from Oreo how to respond intelligently to events, with their creative team of decision makers in the same room during the game, Oreo team was able to quickly design and publish the ad quickly, within 34 minutes of the break, allowing a rapid spread of the published material, in 34 minutes you can achieve what cannot be achieved with a marketing budget of millions if you have a creative and intuitive marketing team.

Oreo's tweet was widely shared and people continued to talk about it more than a week after the end of the game, and talked about it many sites, newspapers and marketing experts, Oreo is known as a very creative company when it comes to marketing via social media, it uses simple messages combined with great and high-quality images to interest viewers, if you want to learn marketing from Oreo, learn how to always be ready, take advantage of opportunities and hit the iron while it is hot.

3. Mystery Marketing Learn edited from IHOP

At the beginning of June 2018, The American Pancake Company (IHOP) or International House of Pancakes announced on Twitter that it will change its brand name to IHOB instead of IHOP, without explaining more to customers, and asked them to find out the reason for the change, the influx of customers on the networks To speculate on what the new B might represent (possibly referring to breakfast? bacon? and some cynically speculated that it might mean Bitcoin), the reference to IHOP online rose to 6.47% one day after the news aired, according to Brand watch data shared with Marketing Dive.

IHOP continued to work and responded comically to some queries, and this news generated a sensation at the level of communication networks while the company showed no intention to back down from the ad, then the company announced that the letter B, in fact means the word "burger", referring to the addition of burgers to the menu of the restaurant chain, both the hashtag #IHOP and #IHOB together more than 297 million impressions in the period preceding the company's announcement of the truth of the letter B on June 11.

IHOP Mystery Marketing

In the first 10 days of iHOb news, more than 1.2 million tweets about the brand and new burgers, more than 2.1 million social media conversations about IHOb, and the brand recorded 25,000 stories and 41 billion impressions, with more than 100 brands and celebrities joining the campaign and responding together.

In the first three weeks after the announcement, IHOP said it sold burgers four times more and that burger sales "remained steady" in the following weeks, and the brand reported that even in the last three weeks of the second quarter, IHOP saw a 0.7% increase in restaurant sales itself.

After that overwhelming success and later in July, the IHOP Pie House series returned to its old name.

Having a new product that turns it into a story that people are trading by flipping the text in your company's brand name for some time is an idea that takes a lot of risk, but it's proven to work unmatched if it's managed smartly and funny.

4. Eliminate your competitors with the utmost skill learn from BMW

Competitors are often the biggest concern for business owners, you can beat them by achieving greater sales, providing better customer service, and can also beat your competitors with the utmost ingenuity in marketing campaigns.

BMW congratulated one of the world's largest car manufacturers, Audi, for winning the title of "Best Car of the Year in South Africa", but it turned out to be cynical when the brand said at the bottom of the ad "from the winner of the 2006 World Car Award", at the time began a war of advertising on billboards in Los Angeles, USA, moving to several other cities and then to other international arenas such as South Korea and others.

Audi responded by announcing its new Model Audi A4 to a sign with the words "Play chess? No, even better driving," the last sentence used by BMW in a previous campaign, then Audi changed the format of the ad by addressing BMW with the words "your turn now" - in reference to the fact that the two companies are playing chess against each other - BMW responds with a giant board against the Audi billboard, with the words "Cash King", was difficult to respond to this humiliating movement, so Audi moved the war to Facebook squares where it received support from its followers through satirical Photoshop designs, and rolled Battles on huge advertising banners in the streets and in the arenas of social networking.

Other cars have entered the advertising war, including Japan's Subaru, Porsche and German Mercedes-Benz, which designed a video in which bmw is blessed with its 100th anniversary, with the phrase "Thanks to 100 years of competition, the first 30 years have been a bit boring," noting that The Stuttgart-based Mercedes-Benz company was founded in 1886, 30 years before the Munich-based BMW company began.

BMW then designed an ad showing one of the huge Mercedes carriers carrying BMW cars with the words "Mercedes can also take pleasure" in a sign that driving its range of cars is what brings pleasure to customers, and of course Mercedes Brand has not been able to respond to this smart gesture from BMW.

5. How to be fun?  You'll learn that from Charmin.

"Humor in advertising and marketing is an important part of everyday life," said Martin Essend, who conducted a detailed analysis of humor studies in the ad in 2009. (4) Humor undoubtedly has a magical effect on the audience, being a source of online entertainment for your customers is wonderful, fun breaks down barriers, routine, boredom and offers satirical material that is shared by everyone on the most.

Humor and humor can be a great tactic to attract attention and build an attractive and playful image of the company, a less expensive and effective way to build good personal relationships with the public, used by a number of prominent brands especially in e-marketing, as does charmin, a bathroom paper company, founded in 1928, which generates annual revenues of $3.3 million.

Charmin has established a brilliant marketing strategy on social networks based on fun and humor and the launch of short and simple jokes, through which you try not only to establish the idea that entering the bathroom is fun and comfortable, but has succeeded in making talking about the experience of using toilet paper less embarrassing.

It may seem difficult for a company that produces toilet paper to achieve the equation of success, profitability and attract ing attention to users with an interesting appeal on social networks, but Charmin has achieved success thanks to its comedy mix and its interaction with the public with an constantly thoughtful presence on both Twitter and Facebook, and this has helped Charmin grow as one of the most famous and gentlest brands on social networks.

The company has launched its own popular hashtag #tweetfromtheseat (i.e. a tweet from the bathroom seat) to become a satirical marketing campaign with daily conversations with different segments of customers that are regularly used by them, as a space for entertainment and an opportunity to gossip about fun, art and even politics, or just chat. The campaign has survived for years and seems to be continuing, and then launched the new hashtag #enjoyment.

Charmin is also known for her fun behaviour in interacting with other major brands on platforms such as Twitter, where she launches comedy tweets and is friendly with other brands,

Social media audiences like to share fun things with friends and followers because they think they'll find it funny too, so that instinct makes funny and entertaining content on social networks more shared and interactive than dry content among the user audience, this makes humour an indispensable material when building a strategy for viral content, you may wander around the supermarket, and when you pass the shelves and encounter the bathroom produced by Charmin you may not catch yourself when you remember its tweets and pick up enough toilet paper.

Humour not only makes you look smart, distinctive and confident as a business owner, but can also be used as a marketing method, so if you can use humour for marketing without looking costly, don't be late.

You may learn how to be as innovative in marketing as Apple, as competitive as Samsung, and how to remain young even 125 years after the company was founded like Coca-Cola... So that's a successful and inspiring model, have you learned other inspiring marketing lessons from international companies? Share it in the comments

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