Friday, April 8, 2022

Earthquake insurance in Turkey

Earthquake insurance in Turkey is an insurance against pests and natural disasters and was imposed after the earthquakes of Marmara in 1999 and became compulsory and was established an institution that manages this matter called DASK, 


which is an abbreviation of the name (Natural Pest Insurance Foundation) and supervised by the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

So this insurance includes earthquake and post-earthquake disaster salvo and other fires, floods and tsunamis and this institution provides compensation to those affected by these disasters in the form of monetary assistance

The objectives of doing this insurance:

  • 1- To protect all homes and facilities from earthquakes
  • 2- Reinsurance and mitigation of damage after earthquakes
  • 3- Reducing earthquake-related expenditures and reducing expenditures on the state by establishing a damage fund
  • To contribute to the building of a country with healthy buildings
  • To contribute to the development of insurance awareness.

Insurance includes the main sections of the house, of foundations, main walls and separation walls, in addition to ceilings and floors, as well as drawers and elevators, in the event of an earthquake, does not include the furniture of the house, and the duration of this insurance is one year renewed by the owner of the house, and does not fall on the tenant