Thursday, November 19, 2020

What are instant articles from Facebook? And is it Adsense's replacement?

What are instant articles from Facebook?

Are instant articles an alternative to Adsense?

Will the instant articles affect Adsense's profits negatively or in the affirmative?


What is the position of website owners in the competition between the giants Google and Facebook on the internet advertising market?

All these questions are in the minds of publishers about instant articles from Facebook.

In this article I'll try to explain the idea behind the instant articles from Facebook. I will try to answer the previous questions in a simplified manner.

I apologise in advance for prolonging.

But there are a lot of mistakes and fallacies that are circulated among publishers. .

Note: The purpose of the article is to understand what the articles are instant and what they are useful.

What are instant articles from Facebook?

Instant Articles is a technology offered by Facebook through the official mobile app.

The idea is that Facebook will create a light version of the articles on your site. And store this copy on Facebook servers. This version is displayed to the reader within the Facebook app without having to exit the app and enter your site.

Do you need more clarification?

Under your command.

Facebook has designed a way to pull your articles from your site and then remove all the codes, hydras and note and keep only the original content of the article, whether text, image or video.

After that, Facebook creates a new version of the content of your articles called instant version and is stored on Facebook servers.

When a visitor clicks on your article link from within the Facebook mobile app, Facebook will display the instant version of your code-free article within the Facebook app without going to your site.

How does Facebook benefit from instant articles?

Facebook will benefit a lot:

The rate of users exiting the Facebook app will be very low. Because the user now reads the entire article within the app.

Increase the speed of opening articles tenfold based on Facebook statements.
Raise the interaction rate on the links too, because having a lightning mark for instant articles encourages the visitor to open the article because it will open quickly and will not take it out of the application.

Consequently, the percentage of users who decide not to click on links that may be interested because they do not want to leave Facebook at the time the article appears in front of them will be reduced.

What is my position as a content publisher of instant articles?

Many site owners believe that instant articles will be a reason for their site visits coming from Facebook to be weakened because visitors can now read my articles in the Facebook app without accessing my site at all.

Principle, instant articles are an optional service, not a compulsory one. You won't see it on your articles unless you take the first step and sign up for yourself.

Same to you.. Before you make that decision.

Allow me to invite you to complete the article to show you the advantages you will lose by not participating in instant articles.