Friday, December 23, 2022

Top websites for makeing money from home

Earning money from home from the Internet and finding a job online has become a very easy topic, as the platforms are available to everyone and opportunities to earn money have become a way to live and even achieve a very high income if you are persistent.

With some simple knowledge and learning, you can create your own online business to make money from home, perhaps, without going back and forth here and there. In your work here you will become the leader of the throne on which you will sit alone.

Our topic is to find an appropriate answer to the question of how to profit from the Internet, and as we will offer jobs to work via the Internet, we will discuss cases of legitimate ways to earn money:

  • What are the business ideas you can start with?
  • How do you start your project?
  • How to start making money online
  • What are the profit sites from the Internet ?
Many people think that working online or making money and making a living is a scam, but it's quite the opposite. This perspective may have been true in some sites, but now the topic has become real, and it is possible, through the presence of some skills, to earn money from the Internet.

Work online from home

Working through the Internet is possible, I personally have more than 4 colleagues who only work from home and make money online through one way or another and all of them are legitimate means without exception.

The topic just needs some thinking, as well as arranging ideas a bit.

Work from home via secured websites

Chegg site for private lessons .
YouTube .
Google Adsense site .
Amazon site .
DigitalMarket website .
Upwork website . .
Zerodha website . website .
ThreadUp threading website .

Areas of profit from the Internet

  1. Not everyone is able to profit from the Internet and achieve a stable monthly income, but only those who have a hobby or talent in the following areas:
  2. Earn money from home writing and blogging on websites.
  3. Earn money from home in the field of web design via the Internet.
  4. Profit from the Internet in the field of digital marketing.
  5. Work from home online education jobs .
  6. Work from home selling photos online.
  7. Work from home in the field of translation.
  8. Work from home in YouTube and the visual content industry.
  9. Work in the field of online commerce.
  10. Learn to design applications.
  11. Work in the field of questionnaires and opinion poll sites.
We will now summarise the most important information about each method we mentioned earlier in the field of making money from home by working online.

1. Make money from home blogging

One of the most important jobs for working on the Internet is blogging, as you will only need a computer, a mobile phone, a table and a chair, and writing creativity.

Blogging was originally a kind of digital diary that someone shared over the Internet. With the development of blogging, writers moved away from diary-style entries and began blogging about broad topics.

This type of blogging mostly involves writing about a niche topic, such as alternative healing, exotic travel destinations or the latest fashion.

Many companies are now using blogs to increase their exposure. For example, companies that want to increase traffic to their websites hire writers who produce blogs on various topics.

Unlike traditional blogs where one person creates and edits all the material, multi-author blogs feature multiple writers writing on custom topics.

How much does a blogger earn online?

  1. Of the total bloggers only 30% earn less than $10 an hour.
  2. Of the total bloggers only 18% earn $11-19 an hour.
  3. Of the total bloggers only 13% earn $20-25 per hour.
  4. Of the total bloggers, only 20% earn $26-40 an hour.
  5. Of the total bloggers only 10% earn $50-$75 per hour.
  6. Of the total bloggers only 9% earn $76-$100 per hour.

Arabic websites for blogging:

Bloggers are often freelance writers, which means they have to create their own opportunities. If you are a blogger trying to expand your freelance business, here are some of the best Arabic blogging sites you can work with:

  • Fiverr site
  • Independent site
  • Arajik site
  • My design site
  • Pfeiffer website
  • Upwork site
  • Fiverr site
Khamsat is a service internet site for providing micro-services belonging to Hsoub Company, which purchased it in 2011. The idea of ​​the site is based on providing mini-services with a value starting from 5 US dollars with the possibility of multiples. The site won first place in the Technology World competition for the best Arab sites for the year 2011 .

Independent site

An independent platform for self-employment is a website for self-employment and freelancers developed by Hassoub, through which it aims to connect companies and project owners with the best professional freelancers to help them implement their ideas and projects, and at the same time it provides freelancers with a place to find projects to work on and earn through.

Arajik site

AraGeek magazine is an Arab youth magazine that is interested in publishing topics of entrepreneurship, technology, international arts, study and all topics of interest to Arab youth. The magazine was founded in 2011 by Syrian bloggers Imad Shams and Malath Al-Madani.

My design site

In the beginning, the website launched in 2009 as a part-time project and today Tasmeemme is the largest creative network in the region. Through the site, we have been able to secure  full-time and part-time jobs  in addition to freelance work to thousands of designers and creatives, from high school and university graduates to mothers who work from their homes, in addition to creative designers who aspire to employ their talents.

Pfeiffer website

Pfeiffer is a global e-commerce site that offers tasks and services for $5 and its multiples, from which the name of the site was derived in English. Freelancers represent the main segment of site users who provide their services to clients from all over the world. 

Upwork site

It was formerly known as Elance or Disk. It is an online freelancing platform where employers connect with freelancers for remote collaboration. In 2015 they changed their brand name from Elance or Disk to Upwork. The company is headquartered in Mountain View and San Francisco, California. UpWork has 12 million freelancers and 5 million registered customers.

As you can see above, as a blogger or freelance writer, you can earn up to $100 or more per hour! Your earnings as a freelance writer mainly depends on your skills and how you market your writing services.

2. Make money from home in the field of web design via the Internet

Running a freelance web design business is a lot of work. Not only do you work hard to deliver beautiful websites to your clients, you also put in the work to find those clients.

If you are new to the field of freelancing , you may even be putting more work into finding jobs than actually working on them.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to find jobs to work online as a freelance web designer. Most of them don't require wearing pants, leaving the house, and attending awkward networking events.

Nor does it require cold calling every local business until someone finally agrees to meet with you. Alternatively, you can try your luck at one or more of the many sites that offer freelance web design jobs online.

Your average hourly earnings mostly depend on the complexity of the project and the clients you choose. If you already have a website with a strong portfolio, you can certainly attract a lot of high paying clients.