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Google Digital Marketing - beginners guide

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It is well known that the Internet has provided many opportunities for those who are receptive to it, including science yes dear client you can through the internet and the advantages and applications that make you learn in the way of online and download free books or novels whether in literature, science, economics.




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Medicine or other areas of branches without resorting to traditional book and also provide scientific videos, also we can through the internet to use social networks that prepare us conditions to be aware of cultures, customs and traditions among peoples Other and communicate with different nationalities. 

Also provides us the internet entertainment that eliminates leisure and boredom by downloading entertainment games and can be useful also, not only the importance of the Internet also on the entertainment side or science or publicity but extends to the world of gain, profit and loss, through the internet can do business operations and the most important is the world of marketing, which has become very important in our time, especially electronic marketing on the Internet.


Who doesn't need marketing?

The doctor needs a marketing team for his clinics, and the teacher needs marketing for the place where he gives the educational lesson, and also businessmen need to support electronic marketing to market their products, also factories require a group of marketers to review the materials or their products, the world of electronic marketing is very important in our daily lives we need even to market ourselves and show our skills and abilities and show the advantages that we have and strengths in order to increase the demand in the place where we want to work or own it Dear reader, you see that the field of electronic marketing has extended its understanding and importance even to ourselves, so imagine with me how important it is in other areas of life! 

You find that who has the ability to analyze and collect data and business management very well and know the personality of customers and know the personality of customers and good knowledge of the skills of Google and how to advertise it and search engines Siu and also develop a marketing plan skills in the success of marketing goals and the ability to work websites and also have social networking sites is the one who can reach a good rate but excellent in electronic marketing, and if you dear reader is not familiar with some of the elements mentioned in the previous sites we examined click for electronic marketing and you will find what you want from our marketing expertise.

Dear reader in this article you will find with us everything you want to know about Google Electronic Marketing, and if it is the first time in our site I advise you to browse the site and you will find a lot and lot about the world of electronic marketing.

In order to enter the world of marketing and succeed in it, you must know the basics and strategies that it sets in marketing plans and also what benefits do you have when using electronic marketing, whether for requirements, products, materials and other things? And also the flaws that may stand in your marketing plans and how to overcome them, after all this knowledge and how to exploit it you are here in the right position to get to know with us in this article how Google ads are used for the success of e-marketing?

What is google's electronic marketing mechanism?

We can say that the goal of these ads is to increase the number of visitors to your website and the desire to buy from your products that you offer, you are using Google ads you have to use keywords in the ad that customers can access and thus access your own ad, how can you do that?

The first mechanism / is the use of keywords

So what is the concept of keywords?

Keywords are in the key so you can access the ad without which your marketing ad fails.

They are words you use in order to reach the success of the advertising campaign, when you succeed in using common words that can be brought in the mind of the customer this makes your ad more demanded and increased by the target customers.

For example if you own a company for umbrellas and fences and want to carry out an advertising campaign its main word is umbrellas in Riyadh, and when one of the customers use a similar word or includes its concept, for example its use of the word umbrellas Riyadh will appear your ad with google search engines or other websites competing with the same products that you offer, here requires you dear customer how to target words and analyze the personality of customers and do blogs so that you and your customers can be discussed and through them About them and the use of keywords that the client can use when browsing in the internet.

The second mechanism / is the advertising auction

Your dear customer targeting for the ad auction makes your ad deliver at lightning speed. What's that machine talking about and how do we get into the advertising auction?

Google's electronic marketing there is what is called in the auction of advertising for electronic marketing on the site Google under the name of the order of advertising, it serves as the order of priorities in the emergence of electronic reality, it allows Google levels of its order represented in the first, second, third, and so on, as if he was able to use the advertising plan correctly, where who used it correctly for the auction of advertising enters the first place in the first appear in the search engines or different websites. Surely dear reader that you want to know how it is done? Come with the rest of the article. 

This arrangement can be done by 5 elements or strategies:

First: Show the price

This property is used first or from the steps that you take dear reader in the work of an advertising plan which is a funded advertisement comes to you a box where you specify the amount you want to pay in exchange for a click click clicked by the customer on your website, and do not worry definitively these amounts are financed are very low from the prices of the traditional market and it is possible if your advertising plan does not succeed in appearing in the first order let you google site when advertising easily and easily change the amount paid to increase the amount paid to increase Clicks and also top-notch opportunities, they are the ones that make you more vulnerable to visitors and customers.

Second: The quality of your ad and your page

Google is a successful and skilled site in knowing the pages owned by dear reader This property is used by Google to see how much your advertising keeps up with marketing with your website targeted by customers, and not only this, but the ad is evaluated by the so-called quality points that you can dear reader to monitor and also have the great opportunity to improve it and that is within your account on Google ads.

Third: The lowest ranking for the success of your ad

We find that you have to set the minimum that must be found in your marketing ad to be displayed in order to improve the quality of your ad if you find through quality points weak points you can improve them until they appear in the first place of the ad auction.

Fourth: context or content of the search

In order to enter the ad auction, you must conduct the search content and the content of the marketing ad, when calculating the ad ranking, your marketing strategy for the success of the ad must include:

  1. The words that the customer uses and the keywords of the ad.
  2. Geographical location should specify where you want to target your customers at the time of search.
  3. You should be included in the device used by the customer whether it is a computer or mobile or mobile phones.
  4. Other competitive marketing ads that compete with you appear in search results and ad auction rankings.
  5. Customer or user signals.

Fifth: Additional advertising information as well as other competitive advertising forms

Google's electronic marketing the electronic marketer must have a database of its competitors in displaying the same products, so that it can use them in times similar to that which is to know other advertisements for competitive companies. 

The fifth point contains two elements:

The first element is the additional information that Google has for you:

    • Phone number.
    • Other useful links to your website.
    • Put other forms of advertising.

The second element is other competitive marketing advertising forms so you should know it so that you can stay away from imitation and use excellent techniques to make other forms of your advertising plans.

After we know the auction of the ad that included the quote and the amount you pay for clicks, we must let you know dear customer about the available amounts and Google offers that you will eventually stream in your ad.

As mentioned earlier, you specify the amount you want to spend daily on your advertising campaign and do not worry dear reader you will find that Google does not collect fees to when a visitor or customer clicks on the ad and move from it to your website, and as we know that you are easy to change the value paid when the ad is successful and more promotional you will double the daily budget in order to increase or track the number of clicks doubled.

The success of your marketing ad requires not only to know the auction or your use of keywords or the context of the content of my ad, all of which does not lead to the success of the ad, but also includes how to calculate the business investment that belongs to you and also consider ingesting your time.

Time investment

You must at the beginning of the beginning since the inception of your electronic ad to take care of it and look forward to a new happening in it and you will find that at the beginning you have to visit or enter your ad once a week and spend it only half an hour or an hour to rest your mind on the performance of the ad and clicks obtained by visitors.

Financial investment

Dear customer in the success of your company and your marketing of the products you offer on the website, you should set a specific and specialized budget for electronic marketing and do not enter into some things so that you can enhance your business activity.

At the end of the article I would like to tell you that you can do business marketing plans yourself and resort to smart campaigns to do the work instead of you or the best option is to have an electronic marketer with experience and professionalism in managing your electronic account and you will find that we are available at any time to work with us from click e-marketing company.

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