Thursday, December 15, 2022

Why NSFX distinguishes from other trading companies?

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In my experience of more than 10 years in the market, I have noticed that the advantages that the Arab investor has to take into account before entering the Forex market are as follows:


Forex companies and the way NSFX distinguishes from the content of other trading companies

The first feature: (which is the most important for the Arab investor): 


Which plays an essential role in protecting the client from manipulation of the account or fraud by the brokerage firm or Forex companies, 

That operates without licenses in the Arab world, and disappears or manipulates clients' money.

Due to the lack of a regulatory body that protects the client, it became clear in 2016 that the choice of forex company depends more on the company's license,

And that the company works through its license with the Arab investor.

In this article, we will briefly address the licenses that can be useful to the Arab investor,

And we'll get to the point where the world is divided into two central licenses.

- U.S. NFA license and license from a European country called the European Union MIFID,

We will take into account the FCA's license individually after Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

Here we will discuss the difference between NSFX and other licensed Forex companies in Europe,

So that NSFX, through its European license, receives customers from Arab countries,

The company thus guarantees clients' funds in a single bank account separate from the company's accounts.

More importantly, the company's financial and legal effectiveness is monitored by the European Governance Authority (MFSA).

Such as Seychelles or BVI -Virgin Islands, or through branches in their governments are unable to apply European law.

Thus, the Arab investor sees through the main site of the company,

Announcements of licenses and at the moment of deposit the funds are deposited to a bank account, not mainly to the license, moreover there is no financial control at all on these accounts or any guarantee of the investor's account.
That's a prerequisite! The examination is the duty of each investor, he must ensure that the name of the company in the license is identical to the name of the site and also identical to the name of the company transferred to the funds,

The presence of manipulation of any letter of the company name indicates that it is not licensed or that the branch is not licensed!! .

In short.

- The first advantage: trading with NSFX is to receive customers from Arab countries and all investors in the branch and european license of the company,

The so-called MFSA and NSFX license is authorized by all European countries including BAFIN, FCA.

- The second feature: which is the banking trading platforms 

NSFX Trading Platforms

Unlike other licensed and unlicensed companies, NSFX uses banking platforms, including The Dukascopy, the Swiss bank NSFXPro.

The company also specializes in ECN/STP bank accounts, providing the investor with a low spreads up in the euro dollars with a comprehensive commission cost of 1.6 pips inclusive of all costs,

That's equivalent to $16 to open a 100,000-unit trading lot.

NSFX provides clients with 3 different trading platforms on different terms, suitable for each investor based on experience, experience and capital.

Most forex companies in the arena use one platform,

If the platform is a web platform only and there is no downloadable version of the company's website, you should stay away from it immediately.

And make sure that in times of trading news you will suspend the platform and lose your money,

This is why NSFX relies on the global MT4 platform by trading a download platform, mobile, and web browser directly, but through each platform provides bank liquidity coming from international banks.

The second Feature: Technical Support Power at NSFX 

 NSFX selects its employees based on their experience, years of work in this field, and being a technology specialist with an economic background,

Providing 24-hour direct support, where you can communicate with them by phone, correspondence, WhatsApp, or emails

It is considered the best technical support in Forex companies, with a staff of 20 Arab employees working around the clock, to serve the Arab investor.

Of course, NSFX has more features.

Bottom line: The choice of a trading company boils down to 3 items

Company secretariat and customer funds safety Trading conditions and platform stake for all segments of investors.

The strength of technical support and service provided at the time of need for the investor, in case the investor needs support for the account, there are listening ears and professional ears that provide him with a transparent and sufficient answer, even at extraordinary times of the day.

Trading with NSFX is security and reliable, you get better technology at better prices and service.