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Best Cloud Hosting 2020 - Compare the Top 5 Cloud Hosting Companies

In many cases, cloud hosting is an ideal option for hosting sites. So if you're interested in learning more about this type of hosting, you've reached the right place.

In this article I will explain exactly what cloud hosting is, how it works, and introduce you to some of the best cloud hosting providers on the market today.


What is cloud hosting

To explain cloud hosting, we must explain the concept of cloud computing and this is not simple but simply to explain the subject to non-specialists, cloud hosting simply hosts your website on more than one server spread in more than one place.

Best Cloud Hosting

  • Hostinger - Best Cloud Hosting
  • Hostgator- Cheapest Cloud Hosting
  • Microsoft Azure - The Best Integrated Corporate Cloud Computing Solutions
  • DigitalOcean

Hostinger - Best Cloud Hosting

If you just need to host a website, hosting a cloud host errand may be the most convenient option for you. Unlike regular web hosting, Hostinger's cloud hosting platform distributes your website on several servers, making your site faster and more affordable, but at the same time as easy to use as regular shared hosting, and costs little.

Hostinger offers a full range of web hosting solutions and one of the most prominent cloud hosting services offered by Google, making it one of the fastest and fastest cloud hosting (the company says it is 3 times faster than regular hosting).

The lowest plan comes with 3 GB RAM and 2 CPU Cores, plus 40 GB SSD storage space, 300 websites and your IP. So even the least plan is very suitable for large sites or for people who want to host more than one site on the same package.

In terms of ease of use, hosting is fully managed and comes with a control panel, and they provide strong technical support and are therefore suitable even for beginners where you won't have to deal with complex technical matters.

HostGator Cheapest Cloud Hosting

Although it is not explicitly advertised on its homepage, Hostgator also offers cloud hosting.

For example, Hatchling Cloud's basic plan allows you to host a single site, bandwidth and unlimited storage space, up to two CPU and 2GB RAM, and a free CDN to speed up your site. 

It is priced at $4.95 per month if you buy in advance three years and is one of the cheapest companies on the market.

If you need something more powerful, business cloud's cutting-edge plan enables you to host unlimited sites, giving you up to six CPU and 6GB of RAM, including a special SSL/DEDICATED IP address.

The most important advantage of cloud hosting is scalability. If you access a very large number of visitors and can't afford the request, you can increase the CPU to eight and an 8GB RAM with one click instantly.

Although prices rise when they are renewed, they remain competitive.

Microsoft Azure Best Integrated Corporate Cloud Computing Solutions

If you want a company that offers integrated cloud computing solutions, Microsoft Azure is one of the best large cloud computing platforms in the world.

This is not a solution for small businesses looking to just host a website, but it's a great solution if you have additional computing needs and want to put everything together in one place. The advantage, then, is that you can transfer all your data and business applications to the Cloud and run them from a single unified platform.

However, moving to cloud computing is not easy, but if you have the necessary skills, or if you can use third-party cloud support services, this may make more sense even for the smallest companies.


Digital-ocean focuses cloud hosting on data like websites, providing a background of cloud computing services that make it the perfect place to host and run your applications in the cloud.

Digital-ocean's advantage is its transparent pricing, where your bill is issued every hour, with monthly coverage, ensuring that you only pay for the resources you use. You also have many other features, such as a free cloud firewall — while snapshots cost $0.05 per Gigabyte per month.

If all you want to do is host WordPress, using Digital-ocean is probably too much and inefficient, especially for beginners, but for developers and affiliates they will appreciate the power and flexibility of Digital-ocean offerings.

If you plan to register on Digital-ocean click on the link below to get a balance of $100 for free and in return I will get $25.

How do you choose the right cloud hosting provider?

There are many key factors to consider when choosing cloud hosting. Here are the most important things to consider:

Budget. How much do you want to spend on hosting?

Guarantee money back by making sure no one wants to get involved in an 18-month contract for a service you may not like after trying it. Ensuring the recovery of money is therefore important.

Access to rote validity can be very important for legal persons. Having more control over your server means that you can install additional software that will specifically benefit your location.

Cloud Hosting Q&Amp;A

What is cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting is storing your site on multiple servers, allowing you to withdraw resources from a variety of different places. This makes cloud hosting fast, scaleless, reliable and extremely flexible.

What's the difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting?
In shared hosting, many sites share the same server resources. But in cloud hosting, sites share more resources than a server. So cloud hosting isn't connected to a single site, so it's less likely to be interrupted – if one server crashes, another server will be running.

How much does cloud hosting cost?

Cloud hosting is very flexible, so the price you pay depends on how much resources you use. In general, cloud hosting prices start at $5 and can rise to hundreds (or sometimes even thousands). But most sites will only pay between $5 and $50.

Can I change between hosting providers?

Yes. You can lend to your cloud hosting provider, this may sound difficult, but you'll be amazed at the simplicity of it. Especially since some companies like Host-gator - offer to do this instead of you.