Friday, April 8, 2022

Fictitious companies and the promise of wealth and quick profit

Despite the many and repeated alerts issued by official bodies, including the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and the Capital Market, which concerns not drifting behind suspicious advertisements that appeal to people regarding investments and money transfers to companies and unlicensed entities, which promise them profit and fast wealth, there are still those who believe these ads and fall into the trap.


A few days ago, someone called for a consultation about his involvement in a fictitious company that stole his money, along with others' money.

The topic begins when the victim receives many calls from people from outside the Kingdom and as usual these gangs (people) have many ways of understanding and persuasion where they make promises of big and quick profits until the victim is lured and set up in the trap and complete the scam and this is what they have already done where they lured the victim by luring the victim by luring the amount of money he will get by contracting them until he listens to their promises and transferred the money to them Payment after payment, but the beginning of suspicion and suspicion where he checked and checked to discover later that this company does not exist on the ground and can not communicate with it by telephone or e-mails where they only contact the victims whenever they wish and as usual the call to request the transfer of more money.

One of the ways and tricks carried out by these gangs is to provide the victim with copies of fake contracts prepared well prepared containing the stamps and signatures of individuals and financial institutions supervising the country in which the victim and also under the names of fictitious investment companies Tara and other well-known companies Tara and other companies in order to give the victim the illusion that they are present and licensed by the concerned authorities and to be deceived and deceived in this case provided the victim with fake addresses and contact numbers that are not true.

This story was shared to take lessons and caution when thinking about investing and when transferring money, especially when dealing with foreign companies where they should never be trusted to check the source of communications and visit the company or institution yourself when claiming the existence of an office or branch within the country in which you are.

In conclusion, you must not receive or transfer any funds to any individuals (individuals) by inviting the investment or by inviting their work as intermediaries to other financial companies, whether domestic or foreign, in addition to not transferring any funds to any company unless they are sure that there is a headquarters and address.