Thursday, December 15, 2022

How to keep working online and profit

Maintaining continuity remains the most difficult challenge for all of us in our online work right now... 

So today I will try hard to give you followers of Siu Sahr a effective solutions to maintain continuity in the work on the Internet and fight the boredom and laziness that is possessed by a large number of online workers.


How do you keep your work online? :-

Working from home is a challenge in itself, where when you work without a manager or follower on a daily basis it is a double-edged weapon it may give you peace of mind because you are the one who set your goals and choose your working hours and may feel you lazy and idle sometimes because there is no strong motivator force you to continue, which ultimately leads to delays in the implementation of silences or completion of the required quality. 

But are there any solutions to that problem?

 Sooner or later you will have to know that whoever wants to achieve real success in this world has to make more effort from those around him, life gives those who have the ability to commit and maintain the quality of what is offered yes it requires you to work first and foremost ...

"Continuity is the key to the success of any online business." 

You have to be aware of this well so that writing content may be an influential factor and back-to-linux is an important factor, but continuity is the most important of all these factors.

1. Work with your friends:- 

 Work with your friends interested in the same field of your business this is a fulfilling in itself and will encourage you to finish your work in a faster time and better quality and also if there is a chance to start your new project in partnership with one of your friends this will encourage you to achieve better results each of you will provide the best of you for the success of this project .

2 . Work in the Internet café sometimes:-

Even working among strangers will save you to finish what's behind you faster and in better quality, go to an internet café near you and book an hour or two and make sure you end your daily silences at this time, it sounds familiar? 

Yes back to 2005 when going to internet cafés was more beloved to your heart, to repeat this now and see how the return of your work will improve and keep up with it, but it is possible to get to know many wonderful people as well which will make your hours of work a fun thing and always strive to do. 

3 . Always change your working hours:

The most frustrating thing for Freelancers is to work specific and frequent working hours on a daily basis, so always make sure that your working hours change between morning and evening and between them, do not create a daily routine for your work because you will be bored sooner or later.

So I always advise you to change your work times almost daily, if you are used to finishing your work early in the morning, change the plans and department of your work over more than one period such as morning and evening.

Sometimes try to start your work immediately after the dawn prayer and before sunrise, the idea of finishing your work before waking everyone is also a well-deserved idea and make you focus only on doing your work in this period that does not exceed two hours maximum . 

4 . Reward yourself every time you do a good job:

 Yes, reward yourself every time you finish your task of hard masques, link your daily pleasure to finish ING what's behind you, whatever it is from eating your favourite meal, playing PlayStation, watching TV, even going to the movies or anything else.

This way you will have a daily edge to finish what is behind you, not every day you will be able to go to the cinema or go out with your friends, but as I told you connect your daily pleasure whatever by doing your work in full, this would eliminate the state of boredom that is created several days after the start of any project on the Internet .

5 . Create a suitable place for your day job and look at the wall! :- 

 The best thing you can do for yourself is to create a suitable environment and workplace, because this would affect your psyche in the affirmative or negative, always try to bring a high office and a comfortable chair for the back, and a large computer screen so as not to have to exhaust your eyes.

And the most important thing is to look at the wall!

Always make sure that your office is facing the wall and your back to the door of the room so as not to get distracted by looking at anything other than your work or focus with anyone who enters or exits the room, this sounds simple but very effective.

You can find great ideas for your new office from here. 

Also always try to have on your desk a paper and a pen, because you will come dozens but hundreds of ideas a day which may have one idea of value you should write in this paper, and also the presence of a paper and pen next to you may help you to remove tension by drawing croquet which is one of the funniest things you might do to clear your mind and return to your work with greater concentration .

6 . You won't be a manager if you don't act like a manager! 

Spend a little money for a lot of peace of mind, yes do not do everything yourself when you start to notice progress on your site or project online, start assigning some assistants to you to do the most "bored" work for you.

This will allow you more time to focus on major and major businesses such as website marketing, content preparation and marketing, etc.

But sometimes you won't have time to create 100 accounts on 100 sites to post their link to your site, let such business to their owners and hire someone to do it through Freelancer com or Up-work com.

7 . Select your goal of action before you start.

The worst thing is to start a website or any business on the Internet without a goal, you have to know what your goal is from this site and what you are after and why you seek it!

Are you doing this site for very quick profits, or to leave a legacy that people know you through and become an inspiration and influence in your field?

You have to ask yourself hard questions like:

- What am I trying to reach through this website?
- What will I lose if this site fails? 
- What will I gain if this site succeeds? 
- Do I have experience in the field in which I will work?
- Am I able to increase my information and experience in this field?
- Will I be really happy to work on such a site?
Is there anything that's going to keep me going?
Can I get rid of the things that will hinder me or not?
- Who will be happy with my success and the success of this site to get close to it 
- Who might be angered by my success and may try to frustrate me and disable me in any way possible to get away from him


Your answers to these questions are very important and will put you on the right track and will always motivate you to continue working and achieve your goal, and to achieve happiness for you and those around you whether it is your family or friends or even your acquaintances and followers.

Now it's time for practical application:

How do you keep writing content?

The process of writing content is the most boring process that you may lose the continuity you aspire to, but there are some steps that if you follow it, the process of writing content will be one of the most enjoyable processes for you.

- Don't write in a field where you don't like to read!

If you are not one of those who like to read in the field in which you write you certainly can not last more than a few days you will not be able to write content that does not receive you, and if it happens it will not achieve any success on the Internet, so it is up to us to start choose a field fancy to follow and read its content periodically.

- Before you write any blog ask and shorten your time!

If you are not aware of quora website, you are now on a date with one of the best experiences for you on the Internet, when you start writing a new piece of content I always advise you before you start to go to Quora and ask a special question about your next blog asking for ideas and opinions of those who have experience in the content of your article.

This will help you to gather many realistic ideas and save you a long time in blogging and creating ideas and also save you to continue due to the process of interaction you make before you write down any blog.

- Ask for the opinion of the specialists in your article as soon as it is published!

The most important thing that may keep you going is to find someone who evaluates and criticizes the content you write once you publish it, so when you publish a new article you can go to a gathering of site managers and independent content writers and take their opinion on your new blog and take advantage of their opinions and suggestions whether negatively or positively.

For this matter you can go to the siu-saha members area and specifically the section "Values Of My Site" which allows you to view your site and its content and get to know the opinions of other site managers and entrepreneurs, which pushes you to continue and improve the level of your site for the better you can go to the section here

- Follow what you've done daily and evaluate yourself within 30 days

Subscribe to AskMeEvery and write in the question box did you write an article today put in the other box your email and one message will be sent daily with one question: "Have you written an article today?"

All you have to do is reply to the email with one word yes or no and determine the reason for your answer and at the end of each month you will be able to know the number of days that you are online and did not write a new article and find out why, and you can work in the new month to avoid such reasons whatever.

How can you keep building back-links?
Building back-Linux is also considered to be boring things over time which is one of the reasons that may force you to stop working completely sometimes because there is no payoff for building back Linux and that it sometimes takes a few weeks to start to see the returns of back Linux on the results of your site in search engines and that's why I'll tell you some ways that might make the process of building back Linux fun and easy at the same time.

- Use Rescue Time on a daily basis 

This program will follow your time spent daily on the Internet and you will be able to know the total time you spent on Facebook or YouTube or any other site and this will make you realize how much time you waste daily with little benefit and you will be able to avoid this the next day.

- Use Cold Turkey on a daily basis 

This program on the other side will block all sites that distract you from work on a daily basis such as social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others for a period you specify and you will not be able to open them at all during this period, which will force you to finish the process of building back Linux.

- Use Majestic Fresh Index to follow back links 

When you use the Index of Majestic you will be able to follow the effect of the back Linux that you built after a few hours of doing this, because this Index archives the web almost every 24 hours to find the new Linux back for your site and this will push you to continue because you will see the return of this Linux even theoretically inside the link profile of your site on a daily basis.

- Limit yourself to hours of work for $47 a month 

One of the best tools for finding opportunities for back-to-back linux and organising the process of building it is link prospector yes is a bit expensive, but it will spare you from any other tool in this field, and will shorten you long hours of searching for opportunities backLinux resoundingly it is finding more than 15 diverse opportunities to build backLinux in the field in which your site is activated by entering your key word only.

In the end, continuing is your personal decision.

What distinguishes a successful person from a failed person is his personal decisions that he bears responsibility for, continuity is your personal decision that you will take responsibility for and the results of being away from friends and making more effort that you are not used to before, but you are also the one who will get his great benefits from personal success and great profits.