Friday, April 8, 2022

The difference between WordPress and Blogger

What are the differences between WordPress and blogger?

This is one of the most frequently asked by novice bloggers.


Sometimes you may hear the same question from professional bloggers during a period of confusion when they wonder if WordPress will offer them a better experience or not?

Interestingly, you will never hear this question from WordPress users. Because they realise that WordPress is able to meet all their requirements.

Does that mean WordPress is better than blogger?

As a lover of WordPress, which I have been using and dealing with for more than 10 years, my answer will not always be neutral.

But, because WordPress's power never means that blogger is weak.

I am writing this article with the aim of resolving the eternal conflict between the two platforms and explaining the difference between WordPress and blogger for beginners and professionals alike.

Note: This comparison shows the difference between WordPress and blogger . The independent will not be addressed to

First: What distinguishes blogger from WordPress?

1. blogger is completely free

blogger users will enjoy a completely free blog sponsored by a Google-sized technology company.

WordPress users will have to book Hosting and Domain to be able to create their blog.

2- blogger does not need any technical expertise

Of course there are some software improvements that can be used on blogger , but the point here is that you can have a good blogging experience without technically dealing with your blog files.

3- SEO experience is good for beginners

seo science is wide and the competition is strong for front-page headlines.

blogger lacks a lot of tools that help to compete and lead in siu.

But since blogger is the legitimate son of Google, you probably won't have technical problems archiving your site in search engines.

4- Protection

blogger protection is the same as that Google uses on its servers, so the chances of penetration are non-existent. And without any interference from you.

WordPress is very security, but you'll need some insight to be able to upgrade your site yourself.

You will deal with backups yourself.

Second: What distinguishes WordPress from blogger?

1- You are the real owner of your site

At blogger, Google has the right to close your blog without warning if you violate its policies.

But at WordPress, you are the only one who controls your site and no one has the authority to shut down your site.

Except, of course, for the judicial authorities.

2- You're in control of everything.

When I start an online project. I'd love to give you the freedom to amend it without limits.

In order for Google to provide a good service to all blogger users, the company determines the capabilities of the platform and reduces the permitted powers.

4- Stronger spread in social Media

I consider WordPress additions to be the most powerful weapon.

There are thousands of extras that you can use to link WordPress to your social Media pages.

These additions will help you spread out without extra effort.

5- Technical support

WordPress has millions of articles online and websites and online forums that it supports. It allows for the exchange of experiences among its users.

Throughout my 10-year dealings with WordPress. I haven't had a single problem that I haven't solved online.

blogger , of course, has her fans and followers who support her with their experiences. But the fact that blogger is a defined platform. Most of the existing problems are individual problems or mistakes caused by misuse on a personal level.

Which means that your problem may not find examples solved online.

6. Life span

blogger is a very stable product for Google currently. She has a lot of followers.

But product continuity is only Google's decision. In accordance with the employment agreement.

And Google has a history of shutting down its services a large number of users like Feed Burner

Unlike WordPress, which as an open software source.

Its continuity is linked to the continuity of support for its ever-increasing users.

The bottom line 

is that the number of After we show the difference between WordPress and blogger in simplified points. I can give you a brief answer from my personal point of view.

If you're going to start blogging and stalking from your site. Without a budget and without a clear idea of what you're going to offer. blogger is the right choice.

blogger is excellent for beginners who don't want to spend on their sites until they've shown their features.