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Commission Marketing - Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

It is a promotional process you do for a product, site or service, to get in return for a commission for each customer who has purchased the product or service through your link, and this is one of the easiest ways to start winning Bitcoin and working online, and of course this does not mean that it is easy to achieve your financial freedom in this way, but it has the advantage that anyone can do it.


Even if you don't have a website or blog, you can promote a referral program and make money through social media, forums, or suggest a product to your friends and family (but don't do so unless the product is worth), if you own a site or application that will make a lot of money and Bitcoin, more than placing ads for Adsense or any other company that puts its ads on your site because you know your site's visitors or your app, Therefore you will know what products or services they may want, and how to provide those products to them in an attractive and useful way first of all you have to take the time to search and check a large number of Affiliate sites and reference programs to find products, services and sites of good quality, and be able to attract the audience you target, and then try them yourself before you promote them in order to earn a good income and at the same time provide valuable services and products and useful, put Win-win

I hope you find these sites useful and if you know other interesting sites add them in the comments box!

Commission marketing for Bitcoin

There are many commission marketing sites that deal bitcoin in the internet and in order to help you find the best i have chosen you 13 best 35 websites affiliate  , with some of the best electronic products through which you will get the highest commission in Bitcoin

Get Bitcoin from cryptocurrency exchange and trading sites


A platform for exchanging and trading cryptocurrencies between Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Eiterium and other banknotes such as the dollar, the Russian rouble, and this site offers a generous share for every transaction made by the person who registers through your link


Local Bitcoin market to buy and buy Bitcoin through a wide range of payment systems and this site supports many different languages, you get a commission of 20% of the trading fees made by the person registered through your referral link for one year after your registration, this site uses cookies for three months that means if someone visited the site for the first time through your referral link and did not register and returned to the site within three months and registered on the site will be acquired by the site As your own referral. The site also provides you with banner banners, to help you promote your link


This currency exchange site allows users to buy Bitcoin via PayPal or sell Bitcoin for PayPal, you can get 25% for referring to a buyer, and the same if you register a seller via your referral link, and go up to 30% if you refer to the seller and the buyer at the same time and make a deal


One of the oldest exchanges and bitcoin conversion platforms this site has good liquidity, and its reveal system is the other very good, 30% on all the trade and treatment performed by your referral. Currency exchange is based on Chinese currency but has a strong global presence and bank deposit options in all countries of the world including transfers to the European currency, this company has good liquidity.

Bitcoin profit from advertising networks


This relatively new display network offers an excellent service with quality control content in which its ads are placed to satisfy the advertisers you deal with, it has some banners and distinctive banners to use to bring in new advertisers to deal with them, paying up to 10% of the price paid by the advertiser


Anonymous ads do exactly what their name suggests: this display network is completely anonymous between the publisher and advertiser, and even the person who will register your referral link will not know it but will receive your earnings. This advertising network is also active in the dark Internet or what the Dark Net is called.

Marketing and bringing referral to bitcoin trading and investment sites


This website is a trading platform that allows you to use Bitcoin to trade European currencies, indices and even commodities, they have a range of banners and banners to help you introduce the platform and enhance their service, and the site's moderators offer 15% of the payments made by any trader registered through your referral link.


This unique platform offers unique services for users to purchase and automate trading of electronic currencies, the referral program of this site pays 10% to each person who registers through the referral link and has upgraded their account