Tuesday, April 26, 2022

top 9 instagram secret tricks 2022

How to get your Instagram post to the top of the feed?

In the fourth quarter of 2021, Instagram managed to be the world's most downloaded app, with more than 2 billion monthly users and more than 500 daily stories-watching visits alone. 

However, this huge number of users is not satisfied enough by the brands on the platform, so if we compare the number of users per month with the number of active accounts for the business on Instagram, which numbers only 200 million accounts, you will find that there is a big gap between supply and demand that needs to be filled and reach the public efficiently. 

But reaching this huge audience is also not an easy process, but in fact, it is difficult and complex at first, especially for SMEs, who are struggling to get an opportunity to emerge among the millions of major brands that are entirely targeted. 

So what's the solution? 

The solution, dear reader, is to understand the nature of the problem itself, which is that most startups who resort to Instagram use it - with or without purpose - as a publishing application not as a platform for actual marketing, and to achieve the latter, they first have to understand the mechanism by which the platform algorithms work, and how they can be adapted in favor of bringing in more followers as follows: 

How does Instagram explore page work?

To understand the nature of Instagram's algorithms or let's simplify the label to its AI, let's take a step back around the marketing process itself. 

In the past, the marketing process was carried out between two parties through a means of combining them and based on the nature and quality of this medium, the success or failure of the marketing process itself is judged, for example, you are a seller who sells your products directly to the public through your store. In this case, effective communication skills here are your way of reaching the other end of the sales transaction and based on your quality and the way they adapt to your product, you will either be able to sell the product or lose the customer. 

Now, in the modern digital marketing world, the medium is no longer only the link between the two ends of the sales process, but also a judgment; algorithms here not only help you as a seller to reach the target customer, but also help the latter find the desired seller for him, which in turn makes it out of the process to the control of the entire marketing process. 

So how do Instagram algorithms serve both the entrepreneur and the target customer? Based on the following criteria for customizing the content displayed on the news feed: 


Instagram algorithms track the interests of the target customer and study what interests, what kind and what motivates them to interact, and therefore rearranges the publications displayed to more personalized user interests. 

Temporal modernity:

 Publications are displayed on the user's home page according to their time limit, and what has recently been published in the priority of appearing to the user, yet the order process is then subject to the publication of older publications according to the extent of interaction, the oldest with the largest interaction is what tops the impression when scrolling down. 


The linking process is one of the criteria used strongly in arranging the content displayed on Instagram; algorithms monitor the people or pages you have commented on, interact with what has been posted, followed, shared their content, have a large number of followers or shared interests, and prioritize the process of appearing on the home page. 

User frequency-time on the platform

In addition to the three previous key criteria, repeating the user's visit to the platform is one of the strong criteria used to improve the content displayed on the home page; 

Who the user follows: 

If the user tends to follow a large number of people and pages of varying interest as well as their areas of interest, then the algorithms arrange the content displayed to make it more specialized to the user, focusing on the most interesting content for him and giving him more priority to appear and display than other dispensers.  

How important are these standards for the advertiser or entrepreneur?

The answer is simple, dear reader, knowing how algorithms display content to the target customer, you will then be able to improve your content in such a way that it enters the user's preferences, and once you succeed in this, AI will play a positive role in your favor; instead of spending too much on paid ads to bring in more visitors, the algorithms themselves will suggest to users and prioritize appearing in a complete freeway. \

But to achieve this easily, your content must be of high quality, linked to the interests of target customers, published at peak times, updated periodically, as well as give some hidden tricks that increase its visibility as follows: 

9 tricks to increase the number of followers on Instagram 

Generate effective sum 

There is no doubt that you have seen a good number of hashtags or hashtags (#) when following popular content on Instagram, but sometimes the images are free of any written text and contain only hashtags, are these hashtags added randomly?!

The answer is not dear reader, to reach your target audience in a fast and effective way, your content must include some hashtags that are closely related to the interests of the target customer so that they have a high rate of visit and are very popular on Instagram. 

By writing these hashtags in your content description, algorithms tell you that this content is suitable for anyone who cares about their fields to appear, and in turn, algorithms will help you appear when others press these decorations. 

It's no secret that hashtags are easy to generate, once you've put a code # you'll be able to create your own hashtag easily, but when it comes to marketing your project and reaching the largest possible fan base, you need the most widely circulated hashtags or hashtags, and to find out the best for your business, all you have to do is visit one of the following platforms, upload the image or video you want to upload or select the target area, and the platform will easily suggest the right hashtags:  

Remove the unwanted watermark from your reels videos 

Reels are now one of meta's effective marketing strategies on all its digital platforms, primarily Instagram, and have been a defensive tool to attract a tuk-tuk audience that loves funny and short videos at the same time. 

However, some SMEs whose videos have succeeded in quickly accessing tuk-tuks, are reposting them on Instagram to achieve the same goal without removing the watermark or username added to the video, which in turn affects the video visibility of users, as algorithms reduce anti-competitive advertising. 

So what's the solution? 

The solution is simple dear reader, you can take advantage of your project video and upload it as your reel on Instagram, without worrying about the impact of your content's visibility to the public. All you have to do is upload the video first to one of the following platforms, and the platform will automatically remove the username and make it available to upload to Instagram with ease: 

  • Snaptik
  • Stick
  • saved

Don't miss the trend. 

 Do you know the lottery? Popular content or trend is the lottery of the world of digital marketing, through which you can succeed in attracting thousands of visitors in one day after you can't attract a quarter of that number in a full month. How to?! 

By jumping on the trend, but in a professional way, as we said earlier, a trend is a kind of digital lottery, if you can exploit it well, you will succeed in attracting the attention of thousands of visitors, if you fail you will be able to bring the same number but to turn your brand into a source of ridicule not to deal with at all. 

To avoid exposure to this type of scenario, you should choose the popular content you want to exploit well, first, it must be consistent with the nature of the brand, and secondly, it must be done humorously and attractively that makes others quick to share it and talk about it. \

You can explore popular content on Instagram by following influencers who are always the first to take advantage of it if they're the ones who launched it first, visit, explore the page and follow the most popular content on the platform, use the following platforms, and it will help you learn about topics that are strongly discussed on the various digital platforms available: 

  • Trends24
  • google trends

Target your Followers on Instagram on Facebook and vice versa

As both Facebook and Instagram are affiliated with the parent company Meta, both platforms can blend their features so you can easily track your followers on the Instagram platform and promote paid ads on Facebook and vice versa. 

This feature helps you be more influential with target customers and in a variety that suits the difference of each platform; 

It's simple, you can easily turn to Facebook ad manager and choose the create Audience box, custom Audience, and then engagement, and then from the list displayed, you can choose to target according to who visited your Instagram business account or who interacted with one of the videos posted on it as well. 

Facebook here gives you many accurate targeting options, targeting audiences who have visited your professional account, who have interacted with an ad, who have responded to a publication, who have searched for the same brand, or who have communicated directly with it.

Block specific words from comments 

If your business is someone-based or your brand is you personally and your services, then you can easily expect that from time to time you will be subjected to much non-professional harassment, some of which may be indirect competitors, some of which may be from an angry audience that does not differentiate between constructive criticism and demolition. 

To avoid this point, don't make the mistake that most beginners make: closing comments once and for all of this type of content, but on the contrary, because your content can create a kind of discussion that is good to show to interested audiences, so don't lose that preference by withholding final comments from it. 

All you have to do is take advantage of the automatic revision of Instagram comments where you can type keywords that if mentioned in the comments will be removed immediately, at which time the platform will revise the comments on your behalf, while not making you lose the interaction you've already attracted. 

You can easily apply this by visiting privacy and security settings, then choosing the comment control option, and you can then choose to hide offensive comments or choose a manual revision by entering the words and symbols you want to block. 

Increase your followers by improving your bio 

Bio or cv plays a role in the appearance of your account for followers, so you know algorithms if your account serves a particular domain or is directed to a particular audience, the account must include keywords that these customers use directly. 

For example, don't use mechanized metaphors, resort to strange linear coordinates, or tend to liken them to your maid's explanation, but be direct and clear about them, and use the higher impression keywords and include them in the description. 

Here we recommend that you use keyword extraction tools to find out which words are most used in your field, so that you can use them accurately, and do not neglect the simple differences between words that affect significantly, for example, adding a word that may make it in a field with a higher search rate, while in another area it makes it less likely to appear. 

The same in the professions, for example, if you own an advertising agency that will not define your project in Arabic even if your audience speaks it, the Arab audience when looking for this type of service writes advertising agency directly, especially on Instagram, so consider when defining your services to know it the way your audience is looking, so that you are easily found by algorithms, and do not forget to include the link to your site in it and any information that helps speed up your access.

Keep publishing regularly 

To maintain your effective strategy of increasing the number of followers on Instagram, you must maintain a regular pattern in the publishing process, so that you don't let your audience forget you easily or that competitors take advantage of your absence in targeting them. 

At the previous point, we don't mean that publishing is random and permanently in such a way that the audience is alienated from your content, but what we mean is that there is a specific regular timing, more like a date with your audience, where you meet with them and you can keep their interest in the brand standing and going. 

There are more than 200 million daily visitors to Instagram, these visitors vary their interest, as well as the rate of time they spend on the platform in such a way that choosing a specific time is most suitable for deployment, is very difficult, so we will not highlight the global statistics on the best timings of publication, but we will advise you to customize your experience when dealing with target customers. 

For example, initial post one content at different times, such as a test balloon, and then monitor the audience's interaction with it as well as its rate of appearance, based on the results, determine the right timing for your brand and its audience and keep publishing it regularly.

Hide annoying hashtags

As we have already explained, hashtags or decorations are one of the strengths you should use when it comes to reaching the greatest number of followers, yet some may mistake many hashtags in the description so that the appearance seems annoying to customers and not attractive at all, and on the contrary, many decorations may lead to Instagram algorithms conspiring against you and reducing the visibility of your post to target customers. 

To avoid getting into this problem, we advise you to hold the stick from the middle, by not writing more than 11 tags in the content description, so that these decorations are carefully selected for their extreme popularity, and at the same time do not show these decorations to the user, how?! 

By taking advantage of the 3-line text hide feature, you can circumvent the overall appearance of the content by initially typing the marketing text, then using spaces to skip the third line of the text, and then placing the decorations you want to add.

Here you will be successful on the one hand to give the target customer the perfect experience without any inconvenience and the other hand use high-trading rating decorations to help you spread quickly without torment. 

Merge the publication into WordPress 

 If you have a blog or website and want to add Instagram posts to the article, you can easily do so by visiting Instagram's desktop version, then choosing the post you want to add and pressing the three-point mark in the top right. 

By clicking on points you'll see a variety of options, choose Embed and then copy the code and add it to the site. 

You can also use Instagram to embed addition available on Rose Press, in which you will be able to copy and add the link to the Instagram post and automatically insert the post to your site with ease and ease. 

In previous lines, we discussed how the Instagram algorithms work and, how they can be exploited to increase the number of followers free of charge, as well as highlighted the top 9 hidden tricks that entrepreneurs should know and apply. 

However, Instagram is a huge platform with many difficult strategies and tactics with which you will need to know in advance everything related to marketing and advertising methods on the platform, through the development of effective plans to increase the number of followers, and fortunately, the marketing and advertising course on Instagram deals with all this and more in detail. Don't hesitate too much and start taking your first professional steps from now on.