Monday, October 26, 2020

Types of insurance all you need to know

Insurance has become a component of all economic activities and has evolved in a way that meets all needs and hence we found the need to display all insurance products in general.


Transport insurance

1- Ship bodies insurance

Includes coverage of ships, private boats, yachts etc. It includes liability coverage to the third party in the event of an accident.

2- Marine and Air insurance

Covers goods during import or export operations either by sea or air

Fire and property insurance

1- Fire insurance and special hazards:

Provides cover against any loss that can occur due to fire, lightning, or other special hazards.

2- Property insurance 

Covers loss, damage or material damage to buildings and property insured against covered hazards.

3- Ensuring work stoppages and loss of profits:

This policy is issued in conjunction with a fire insurance policy or property insurance policy

4- Securing houses and it's contents:

Provides protection for construction and its contents, rental compensation, death or permanent total disability, civil liability before third parties and civil liability before the leased owner.

General Accident Insurance

1- Robbery and burglary insurance:

covers the loss or damage caused by theft associated with breaking or violence" during entry or exit, in addition to the losses suffered by the building as a result of theft or attempted theft. 

2. Personal Accident Insurance (individual- collective):

Compensates the individual or his legal replacement in the event of death or disability as a result of an accident. 

3- Securing glass panels

this is a cover that provides compensation for glass panels in buildings and galleries in case of breakage. 

4. Money Insurance: 

Covers funds against risks, including loss of funds or equivalents while in the iron vault or during transfers. 

5. Breach of Trust Insurance:

 This insurance is designed to provide the employer with cover to protect him from any loss or damage resulting from breach of trust by his employees. 

6- Bank coverage insurance: 

Provides a "comprehensive" cover that includes protection against multiple risks and this cover is intended for banks, banks and financial institutions 

7- Travel Insurance: 

provides several covers for individuals during their travel such as personal accident coverage, medical emergencies and loss of luggage.

Liability Insurance

 1- General Liability Insurance: 

Covers the legal liability of the insured in compensation of death, bodily injury and damages resulting from any accident that may affect the property of third parties. 

2- Insurance of the risks of the profession: 

any loss resulting from any error by the insured during the course of his profession.

Health and Life Insurance

1 - Life insurance

helps this insured cover in planning for the future and provides comprehensive protection for him and his family through a number of programs that we have developed to suit the requirements of life changing. 

2- Health insurance 

provides a number of medical programs in hospitals or outside hospitals locally and internationally, depending on the desire and need of the participants.

Engineering insurance

  •  Insurance for projects under construction.
  •  Securing engineering equipment.
  •  Securing boilers.

In addition to a number of other specialised types. 

Car Insurance

 1- Third Party Insurance:

Covers physical damage and material losses suffered by the third party as a result of an accident. 

2- Comprehensive car insurance: 

Covers the car in the event of an accident and includes damage caused by a fire in the car or theft, in addition to cover personal accidents.