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What is hosting? What are the types of web hosting?

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What is hosting? What is the role of different types of web hosting in the efficiency and speed of the site's work?


We will discuss all these points in this simplified article for those who have no prior experience in this field.

We start from scratch.
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What is hosting?

The first step in owning a site is to learn what hosting is and how its quality affects the strength and performance of your site.

A website is a data phrase in the form of images, videos and written texts that have been compiled together by software packages in a set of files.

These files are very similar to those on your PC

The main difference is that the site files are not on your personal device.

And it's on another device that's very far away from you called the server.

So the server is a computer that stores your site files,

Q: Who owns and manages the server?

A: Web hosting companies

So, hosting is a service that stores your site files in a computer called the server.

This device works 24 hours a day to be able to provide your location to those who request it at any time.


When you type the Facebook address in your browser

The browser asks about the address of the server that holds the Facebook files

And then the browser sends a message to the Facebook server requesting the view of the site

Finally, Facebook's response comes by sending the site files to the browser to view them.

Did you show the picture?

After we answered the question, what is hosting?

What are the types of web hosting?

The types of web hosting are classified by the location and power of the server that is used to store files to

  • Free hosting
  • Co-hosting
  • Hosting WordPress
  • Hosting the vps
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Hosting resale

1. Free hosting

It is the hosting that stores your site files in exchange for placing their ads for you, and I would never recommend them unless they want to learn and experience.

The worst thing about it after compulsory announcements is that once your site starts making visits, you will start bargaining to buy a paid package by shutting down or shutting down your site on the grounds that it consumes more resources than is allowed.

2- Co-hosting

It is a hosting that puts more than one client accounts on a single server. These customers share the resources and capabilities of this server with each other.


The price is very suitable for all beginners and owners of sites that do not wait for a large number of visitors.
Competition between companies is great, resulting in strong offers and special prices for the first year.
You don't need any technical or software skills from you to deal with.
Most offers allow you to host an infinite number of sites on the same account.


The server distributes its capabilities to the customers' accounts on it. Therefore, you are at risk of slowing down or disabling your site due to misuse of resources from another site on the same server.
The technical specifications of the server are determined by the company and you have no authority over them. This results in you not being able to run some services or scripts on your site that need a bit of a high resource.

3- Hosting WordPress:

It is the same shared hosting with the difference that servers are pre-modified with specifications and settings that give the best results in speed and performance for sites based on WordPress system.

4- Hosting the virtual server VPS:

It is the same idea of co-hosting, but instead of crowding all the members on the same server. A virtual space is created for each participant that gives him more power to his or her location.


The number of customers on the server is much lower than shared hosting, which will make your site more able to withstand many traffic without being disabled.
 Excellent for medium sites that receive an increasing number of visits every day.
Dedicated to site owners who want some freedom to control their default server specifications.


The cost of virtual hosting is higher than co-hosting, but you're supposed to need it only when your site generates you a physical income that can afford it.
Virtual hosting needs users with some technical skills to control the server specifications.

5. Cloud Hosting

It is the latest type of hosting and its idea depends on putting your site files in the so-called cloud.

The cloud is meant to be a wide range of servers distributed around the world. Each server contains a copy of your site.

When the visitor writes your address in the browser. The browser will drag your site files from its nearest server geographically. This will provide excellent speed to open your site.


Speed is very good compared to the price approaching the default hosting price.
The price is determined by your need and gradually escalates as your site grows.
Excellent for hosting phone apps and interactive websites.


The initial price may not be suitable for sites that are small or still in their infancy.
Not preferred for sites that target a particular geographic area. It would then be more economical to book a hosting that is located in the same geographical area.
You need a user with medium experience in cloud server technicians and terminology.
Some sources describe cloud hosting as less secure than others.

6. Dedicated Server Hosting

Here stands kings, these hosts for professionals and owners of sites that receive a great deal of visits.

Its idea is simply that you are booking the entire server for your site and you have no partners.

I hope that one of the readers of this article will need a dedicated server someday, but until then let's think about this kind of remoteness.


It's powerful and fast because you don't share your server resources.
With a professional user, you are free to control your device or server.
Dedicated to major locations


You need professional users to deal with it.
The price is very expensive on any average site

7- Hosting resale

It is a different hosting from other types of web hosting.

Its idea is to rent a server to a company and then build a small hosting company and rent space from that server to your customers.

And we'll talk about it soon in an article of her own.

Now that you know what hosting is? What are the types of web hosting?

I would advise you to see the following articles that contain some of the basics that everyone planning to enter this field should know.