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When it comes to looking professional, there's nothing better than presentations to be your right hand, whether you're an emerging entrepreneur, a rookie, or even an expert in your field, you won't be able to share your vision or practical perspective without someone to support you, and when we talk about support here, it's no better than professional presentations to be the best label. 

According to a statistic published in 2022, 92% of employees believe that professional presentations help a large percentage to understand what is required to work and perform in the desired way, while others believe that 79% of these offers are usually boring and useless!.

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Between these two statistics, the importance of presentations swings and makes us wonder if they are really important for the work and its development, but it is just a set of coordinated and boring segments?! 

The answer is both dear readers; the line between the fact that these presentations are boring or of the utmost benefit is the way they are designed, and to be able together to reach the point where presentations or what is known as presentation become a weapon in the hands of the owner, not a weapon directed against him, let's elaborate on each of the following: 

Top 7 Tips for Designing Professional Presentations

Make it special. 

The Internet is filled with many ready-made templates for designing professional presentations, although these templates are very attractive and suitable for different practical symptoms, your use of authenticity in the design of presentations is a double point that adds more excellence and professionalism to them. 

Ready-made templates are sometimes difficult to modify in terms of making them suitable for purpose and purpose, but they are also duplicated and veteran businessmen often encounter the same types of templates at each meeting, which of course will give your presentation a touch of boredom without even meriting it.

To avoid this point, we recommend that you ignore prefabricated template suggestions, design your own window for your presentation, and if time does not allow this and you will, unfortunately, have to use one of the ready-made templates available, it's okay to edit them so that you have your own touch and unique presentation printer. 

Keep consistent 

When designing distinctive presentations, the slides must be consistent and visual, and textual, so that a certain type of line is fixed in all slides, and the same font size is fixed to the titles, as well as colors as well as the location, and size of the logo for the existing slides. 

The same must be applied to the logical sequence of information available in the slides; it makes no sense that the slide displayed has nothing to do with the before or after, or that the information provided in it conflicts with what has been previously abused or what will be addressed later. 

Also, make sure that there is a mental map of the sequence of information from the beginning so that you know from the beginning what you will say and where this will lead you? What questions are expected from the accounting of this information? And how are you going to answer it in the next segments? And whether your presentation covers all aspects smoothly and simply? Or is it a long narrative of little use?

Use colors and contrast carefully 

Colors are one of the most important strengths of professional presentations, through which the recipient can track the information in the slide indirectly; for example, if the presenter customizes specific colors for headlines and subheadings, then the recipient will easily be able to track the information if he or she loses attention at any moment with ease.

To keep colors used professionally in your presentation, you need to turn to the color circle, choosing colors that are consistent with each other that add a kind of non-abnormal contrast to the design, as well as its role in attracting attention and maintaining the recipient's focus. 

On this point, the use of colors should be related to the brand's primary colors and visual identity; 

Make it visible

Presentations can be defined as a brief way in which a set of information is displayed smoothly and simply to the recipient so that fatty and long data are converted into specific short points that are easily understood and absorbed. 

Professional presentations often have very complex data that is sometimes easily difficult to understand, let alone trying to explain it to recipients who are not aware of it for the first time. To build a bridge that the presenter can provide this information smoothly to the recipients, he must try hard to add some kind of visual dazzle to the design. 

This visual dazzle may include a range of images, videos, tables, animations, or other visual templates, and the designer should then distribute them in a way that does not conflict with the system in place in the format of slides, as well as when they crowd the basic text of the presentation, for example, it is unreasonable that the percentage of images and videos displayed exceeds the 95% of the information displayed in the slides themselves!

The presentation designer here should also select visual images and props consistent with the primary objective of the slide displayed, for example, do not create a profit-denote image while the slide addresses information about revenue declines in the fourth quarter. The same is the case if the presentation addresses information about users' desire to purchase the product while available data shows that customers are turning to competitors more than usual.

Make it brief. 

The dominant feature of presentations is the abbreviation: no one wants to follow a presentation of 20 or more segments, but in fact, a large percentage of recipients are bored with any presentation, however attractive it may be if it lasts at least 10 minutes. 

To make your presentation special to the receiving audience, make sure that sentences are very focused, simple, and straightforward, and if you want to express a percentage or number, place the number directly that you do not express in letters or begin to explain its introductions before. Place the important points you want to focus on in a coordinated point or numerical census and shorten sentences in a way that doesn't affect their meaning as much as possible. 

Make sure that the text in the presentation slides is not only a focus or a light on important points, not only an explanation or a detailed description but just simple instructions that help the presenter play his role in communicating information most easily and simply in the public.  

Use infographic

how to use infographics in marketing

You're better attracted to graphic or visual content than written, so it's no wonder that using infographics in presentation slide design is one of the best tactics used to create an attractive presentation; 

 Infographic is used in the design of presentation slides to highlight a specific goal or topic that the presenter wishes to attract the public's attention in its direction so that this information is displayed in an easy sequence, in which the recipient can easily compare data and focus on important information, as well as prompt him to analyze and remember it more strongly than other means. 

The multiplicity of types of infographics used in the design of presentation slides according to the nature and purpose of the information, there is an informational infographic, there is temporal, statistical as well as digital and used in the comparison, as well as map-based geography, as well as step infographic. 

 The type of Infographic also varies according to the way it is designed Infographic as well;

Give your Infographic a story to tell, so you can make the desired impact on the recipient Infographic; And how are you going to say it? And where are you going to put it? What design will make it stronger in terms of impact as well as memory survival?

Take care of visual nutrition

If you look at the routine or habit shared by professionals, you'll find that it's always about continuous visual nutrition in their field; 

The same can be applied when designing professional presentations, so that you can design a unique presentation in which you can draw attention, you can first start watching other presentations and discover their own touches, study the quality of the lines that have succeeded in drawing your attention, the formats that helped you remember the information, the way the designer listed the data, the nature of the drift used as well as the colors, and other ideas that you can use to create your own presentation with many attractive strengths. 

Now that we've discussed the top 7 tips you should apply when designing professional presentations, let's now highlight the top 5 free sites to help you create them with ease and ease: 

Top 3 free websites to design professional presentations

Google Slides 

Google Slides is one of the great products google offers its users on a freeway and is a special editor for presentations, through which a person can design, coordinate, edit and share slides as well as add sound and visual effects with ease, all by owning a private email account only.

Through Google Slide, you can easily design your presentations by modifying the free templates available to you by Google or by importing external templates that you own or are available for download, or even by designing your template as well. 

 Google slides is a service integrated with all apps that Google owns, from which you can integrate more than one file or app to the same brand; for example, you can link a doc document with a slide added to your presentation, import data from a table added to google sheet, view slides in an online meeting through the Google Meet app, or integrate google keep features or others into the design process. 

Google Slides has many flexible features, primarily free editing and preservation with or without the Internet, the addition of visual and audio effects in slides, a variety of attractive colors and formats, cloud storage and automatic data preservation, the possibility to share with an unlimited number of recipients, as well as support for various formats such as PowerPoint, pdf, etc., as well as display and modification through desktops, mobiles and smartphones as well. 

You can use Google's presentation service completely free of charge and you'll be able to easily design your own special offer, but if you're looking for more exclusive features, you can sign up for the paid plan through which you can share video and audio conferences with more than 150 participants, own 2TB of cloud storage, divide them into the team as well, and have a business-specific email as well as other exclusive features.  


Pitch is one of the best sites for designing professional presentations because its services combine both practical and attractive, and thanks to pitch's maker presentation service, you can choose between more than 100 edited templates and add to your presentation design with ease and ease. 

With pitch, you can choose the right template for your domain and then work on it to suit the vision and message you want to achieve flexibly. 

Pitch presentations are modern offerings with many modern colors and formats, as well as many irresistible special effects. You can design unique text-and-font slides from the site's library, as well as use visual and audio images and effects that will give your own presentation an artistic touch that combines professionalism as well as boredom killing. 

With pitch, you'll be able to combine and add features of organization sites such as Trello and slack to your presentation design, so you can add teamwork, assign tasks to individuals, chat with them and comment on their functions as well as sharing and editing. 

Pitch also helps you share the offers you'll design in conferences and live shows, as well as import charts and data from different platforms such as Chartmogul, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and more. 

With pitch, it's easy to maintain the brand's visual identity, whether it's about the nature of fonts or colors, so the site helps you maintain its own visual consistency by creating your own format and easily applying it at the touch of a button to all slides without the need for separate adjustment to each one in a cumbersome way.

Pitch presentation design services are completely free of charge, yet the platform forces its users to download presentations with their own logo, and if the user does not wish to do so, they must pay for their removal. But don't worry about this point too much, dear reader, Lugo is not in the middle of the slide or crudely visible in the design process, if you can ignore it or remove it with other professional programs. 


Canva is one of the best free design platforms in the world, with the primary objective of helping anyone in the world, whatever their skills, to turn their artistic vision into an implementing reality, even if they do not have a prior study of the design world or knowledge of the software and tools of the field. 

So whether you're a professional or not, canvas diverse services have certainly helped you one day, whether it's a Sushi Media poster design, a blog cover design, a resume design, a speech, or even an impressive presentation, and when it comes to the latter, canvas gives you great luxury among the hundreds of ready-made templates that fit many different topics and goals. 

With the canvas platform, you can choose the template that's right for you and edit it to suit your artistic vision, so that the site includes a variety of formats and fonts as well as basic shapes and themes, which will suit your presentation no matter how difficult it is.

With a free canva account experience, you can add an infinite number of slides to your presentation, add kinetic and transitional effects to it, as well as change and modify formats to fit the visual identity of your project or brand with ease. 

You can also share your presentation with others or upload it in a variety of formats, as well as register a client to work on it, as well as participate in different social platforms and make it available for viewing only or viewing and editing. 

The canva paid plan is different from free in that it has a range of exclusive, flexible features such as easy removal of backgrounds from images, the addition of brand text and visual formats, more than 1 million stored photos and exclusive videos, as well as more than 610 unique and attractive templates.