Monday, December 5, 2022

apply for master's and doctoral degrees scholarships in China

Where Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research reviewed a report submitted by Dr. Ashraf Al-Azazy, Head of the Cultural Affairs and Scholarships Sector, about scholarships provided by the Republic People's Republic of China for the academic year 2023/2024.

The report indicated that China offered a number of competitive scholarships according to the Executive Program to obtain master’s and doctoral degrees in the following scientific disciplines:

* Specialisations required for scholarships in China:

– Computer science and artificial intelligence

– Building communication and information networks

– Cyber security –

Marine engineering sciences

– Mechanical

engineering – Electrical

engineering – Industrial engineering

– Physiotherapy

– Chinese language and literature,

as well as disciplines that serve the country’s sustainable development goals ( Egypt Vision 2030).

* Requirements: 

The report also indicated that the conditions for applying for these scholarships include the following

- the age of the applicant should not exceed 30 years for a master’s degree and 33 years for a doctorate at the date of the start of the announcement

- the period of registration of the applicant should not exceed one year from the date of the start of the announcement if he is registered for a master ’s degree - it

should not exceed The registration period is 18 months if the applicant has registered the subject of a PhD thesis, according to the approval of the Executive Committee for Scholarships in the 6/5/2021 session, and in the event that he is not restricted to a doctorate degree, the period for obtaining a master’s degree must not exceed two years from the date of the start of the announcement.

* The Chinese side presents the following to Egyptian students who have received scholarships:

Monthly scholarship value: 3,000 yuan for master's students, 3,500 yuan for doctoral students.

Exemption from registration fees.

Exemption from annual registration fees for attending lectures and studies.

Exemption from the costs of specific study materials and prescribed accommodation expenses.

- A certain amount paid once to arrange accommodation.

Providing comprehensive medical treatment free of charge for Egyptian students who have obtained doctoral scholarships from the Chinese government.

Transit service for Egyptian students who have obtained free doctoral scholarships from the Chinese capital to and from the place of study when they join and graduate from the university.

The scholarship does not include return travel expenses.

The missions shall bear (what is not borne by another party) by completing the value of the grant provided by the Chinese side “according to the executive program, as well as round-trip tickets, according to the financial regulations of the missions.

The scholarships do not bear any expenses for the family according to the decision of the Executive Committee for Scholarships in the session of 8/23/2017, as amended by the decision of the Executive Committee for Scholarships in the session of 11/19/2017.

*Required Documents:

Where the report referred to the documents required to apply for grants, including

: - Filling out the application form from the program’s website

- Putting code No. 8181 on the form

- Initial acceptance letter from one of the supervising professors at a Chinese university

- A letter from the employer addressed to the scholarships approving the student’s nomination for the scholarship, with a statement that he has not been nominated for any other scholarships or scholarships, as well as a statement indicating that the security authorities’ survey forms were sent to approve travel.

- Two (2) copies of the research plan of no less than 1000 words in Chinese or English. And if the student specialises in one of the fields of art or design, please provide us with a copy of his own work, such as (video clips or paintings).

The original criminal record with a recent date + a photocopy.

- Two (2) copies of the CV - two master's thesis summary (in English approved by the employer).

Letters of recommendation from a professor.

- Two (2) copies of the medical examination, completed and approved, to be copied from the website of the Chinese Embassy in Cairo.

The candidate’s original score of 62 in the IBT or 6 in the IELTS test, unless the awarding side requests a higher score.

- Form Data in Arabic approved by the employer indicating the date of appointment.

– (It is not permissible to apply for the language test receipt, and it is obligatory to submit the original certificate when applying for the scholarship). In the event that the student chooses to study in the Chinese language, HSK4 language level must be obtained.

- Bachelor's degree - estimates of years of study - master's degree (original + true copy in English).

- 2 copies of the passport, valid for a period of not less than 3 years.

* To find out more and the source:

* How to apply:

The required documents are submitted to the following address: 7 Dr. Ibrahim Abul Naga Street - Al Separate District - Ministry of Higher Education - Fourth Floor.

* Deadline for submission:

The report confirmed that it will not consider papers submitted by e-mail, and that the deadline for applying for these scholarships is to hand over the paper file to the central administration for scholarships on Sunday corresponding to 1/22/2023, noting that the central administration for scholarships does not incur any expenses for these grants .

all the conditions and documents required by entering the following websites: