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Oxford Scholarships to Study MBA in Britain



The University of Oxford offers MBA scholarships in the UK and provides full funding plus a living stipend to complete an MBA degree at the University.

Requirements for Oxford Scholarships

Please read all of the following information to know the exact conditions:

1. Entrepreneurial work

I have spent at least 3 years in experience. For example, you might have:

  • Started or grew a social enterprise.
  • or create and lead the expansion of a social impact initiative within an organisation.
  • Or a specific social/environmental issue has been addressed, through the underlying thread that unites your business.

2. Create an impact with a focus on changing systems

  • You can show the results and impact of your entrepreneurial work through testimonials or something that proves it.

3. Personal qualities of the social entrepreneur

  • You are a force for positive change.
  • You are single-minded and persistent, ready to fail and start over.
  • You have a bias towards work.
  • You have a tendency to explore the environment for opportunities and resources.
  • You have a desire to take personal and financial risks at times.
  • You can develop networks and leverage members to achieve mutual goals.
  • You have practices the problem* or encountered the problem you are trying to solve.

4. MBA Oxford is critical to your career path

You can explain why business education is essential in helping to develop your business/impact at this stage

5. Financial need

You are in a situation where the cost of the program is a significant financial burden
You can demonstrate the need for the scholarship (for example, due to previous work experience or personal circumstances)
"Apprenticing with a Problem," a term borrowed from ein-hams-Lau at the Peery Foundation, refers to someone who develops a deep understanding of a problem they have not experienced themselves, for example by working in the field, working for a related organisation, conducting research, etc. A simple example of someone with a problem is a teacher who went to start a nonprofit organisation focused on education.

Diversity and Inclusion: We value and encourage diversity within the scholarship community. To succeed in addressing global problems, we must bring together individuals from different cultures, religions, sectors, genders, backgrounds and ideologies to find cooperative solutions.

Belonging to a diverse community enriches the expertise of scientists' science, teaches them to challenge ideas and challenge in a respectful manner, and fosters a global perspective that is essential in today's world. Therefore, we encourage all candidates to apply for the scholarship, especially women, members of historically underrepresented groups, and those from the Global South.

Oxford Scholarship Documents

The University of Oxford offers School ford MBA scholarships in the UK and provides full funding plus a living stipend to complete an MBA degree at the University of Oxford's Said Business School.

The mission of the Skull centre is to accelerate the impact of business activity aimed at transforming unfair or unsatisfactory systems and practices.

  • A copy of your passport or ID.
  • The last certificate you have obtained and must be translated.
  • A transcript of the student's grades for the last degree obtained by an English translator.
  • Motivation letter.
  • At least two letters of recommendation.
  • Biography.
  • Training certificates in case you have it.
  • Work experience certificates if you have previous experience.
  • Volunteer certificates if you have previously participated in volunteer opportunities.
  • We help you at the website to cover and prepare the papers required to register for the scholarship, and the most important of these papers are the CV, motivation letter and recommendation letters.

Oxford Scholarship Funding

  1. Covers full tuition fees.
  2. Covers living expenses of £17,500.
  3. Cover travel expenses.
  4. Study visa coverage.

Apply for Oxford Scholarships

  • To apply for the Oxford Scholarship Scholarship to study, you first need to apply and be admitted to the MBA program at Business School. Follow these steps:
  • Contact School of Oxford to register your interest in the scholarship and be sure to keep abreast of developments with announcements about upcoming deadlines.
  •  Apply for the MBA program directly to the School of Business. You will need to do this during Phases 1 and 2 of the MBA admission process for the 2018-19 academic year. All information about the program and related deadlines can be found here.
  • Check the "Skoll Scholarship" box when submitting your MBA application! You will find this under the "Scholarships" section of the application.
  • The MBA admissions team will evaluate your application to ensure that you meet the academic requirements required by the Said Business School. Then, if you are accepted into the MBA program, you will be eligible to apply for the Skoll Scholarship.
  • Once you receive confirmation of your admission to the MBA program, keep an eye on emails as the School Oxford Scholarship Centre will send you a link to the online scholarship application. Check the timelines below to see when you expect it.
That's all! The School Oxford Scholarship Centre will then consider your nomination for the opportunity and advise you to do so. If your written application is successful, you will be invited to join Skype's interview with Skoll's scholarship selection committee.

If you succeed after a Skype interview, you will be invited for an in-person interview at Oxford. (Please see below for steps and timelines for each stage of the interview, and please note that you may be invited for further interviews if required.


All scholarship applicants in the final round will be updated from the shortlist whether or not they are invited to join the virtual Phase I interview with the School Scholarship Selection Committee.
If you are successful after the first interview, you will be invited to a virtual final stage interview. (Please see below the steps and timelines for each stage of the interview; please note that you may be invited for further interviews if required).

We encourage you to apply for an MBA as soon as possible. If you have applied during the third phase, but the decision on your MBA application has been postponed by the school's admissions team, you will need to let us know if you still wish to be eligible for the Skoll Scholarship. We will decide on a case-by-case basis if you are eligible to continue the scholarship application process.