Thursday, December 15, 2022

How to find keywords that double your site traffic in just 30 days!

Over the years since 2014, after Google decided to stop showing the number of actual searches in keywords Planner unless a paid advertising campaign was run, site owners began to look for alternative solutions and only had access to tools that promise to provide monthly search data for different keywords such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz and others.


But over these years I have not seen a single person share what I am about to share with you today as I can assure you that over those six years you have been following the wrong way of finding keywords and this is one of the most important reasons why most of your online attempts have not succeeded.

I am going to share with you one of the most important reasons that help us succeed in achieving strong results for sou's customers and I hope you read the article to the end because I will invite you to do the same thing on your site!

The first method: get the correct numbers:-

Google tells us that every year Juarez faces trillions of searches and of this number there is 15% not seen before and this is because people develop their language and search methods every day which always creates opportunities for long tail keywords estimated at hundreds of millions

It is the owners of this method of searching for keywords who are able to quickly discover these words and work to target them in enhanced content for search engines.

That's why I'm going to explain an example of a long Tail Key phrase of 4 words and more to explain to you the error that is difficult to make up for your site.

Example: When is high temperature dangerous in adults

When searching using Ahrefs, we find that the average monthly searches on this word worldwide are only 40 searches as shown in the following picture.

When searching for the same word but using the SEMrush tool we find that the number of searches around the world is 720 searches per month as shown in the following picture

When you search for the same word in kW finder, which is the most accurate tool, we find that the number of monthly searches is 2100 as shown in the following picture.

These three tools are currently considered the most popular in the world but unfortunately the three tools gave hugely varying results starting from 40 searches per month through 760 to 2,100 searches per month for the same word but the fact that no single tool has hit the right number!

This is because the number of valid searches per month on this word is 2400 as shown in the following image from inside Google Keyword Planner's Google Keyword Planner tool.

Some may think that this is just a coincidence and a slight disparity in numbers but the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of long keywords long Tail in Arabic, English and French where the rates of monthly searches vary between tools and are completely different from the correct number provided by Google Keyword Planner and we may need to shoot video from several hours to view these examples

Solution: Either create an ad campaign on Google Ad-words to use keyword planner tool

Or use the Siu-Sah trial tool to find keywords for free as we in Sui Sasha pull keyword data directly from inside Keyword Planner that I will explain to you in a moment.

The second method: to detect the words Not Provided and link them to the pages 

One of the most important ways to also help us to double our customers' visits is to reveal keywords that Google hides from the owners of sites by tagging them with the word "Not Provided", which is up to 97% of keywords that bring visits to your site from search engines.

While you can reveal a large number of keywords that bring you visits based on the Google Search Console platform, we present the Siu-Saha tool something you can't find in google search console tool which is the detection of 2000 keywords that bring visits to your site

Unlike Google Search Console, which provides you with the first 1000 words only, you lose too many opportunities to improve your site's content and write new content, targeting those words as shown in the following two images in order...

As you can see in the Siu-saha tool, we show the first 2,000 key words they bring visits to your site. 

While in Google Search Console you only show 1000 words, 50% of the number of words we show in the Siu-Sahee tool that you can subscribe to from here.

All you have to do is link your site to Google Analytics and choose competitors and then enter from the left menu on the word Traffic Analysis and then choose Google Search Console and then link your account in Google Search Console to the tool Siu true until you start to see keywords Not Provided

The tool will take several minutes to check your site's visits and link keywords to the pages that get visits and then you will be able to see the keywords that come to your site visits not only from the web but also from google's image and video search engine.

You can also filter keywords by the type of device used in searches whether it is mobile phone, tablet or desktop, you can also be fascinated by the rate of impressions or the rate of clicks obtained each word or even by the average order in search engines as shown in the following picture ...

Also you can access top pages tab at the top and view each page and keywords that bring them visits individually as shown in the following picture

Once you press the button in the image in front of you, you will see keywords that bring traffic to each page on your site.

As you can see in the picture in front of you were found 1498 keywords bring visits to this page you will not be able to find them in Google Search Console because it shows only 1000 words which means that there are 498 additional words found by linking the data of Sersch Consol and Google Analytics to each other and collect them in the tool Siu True to help you target keywords that your competitors do not know anything about!

Once you access keywords you can add them to new content within your site or revise your page by adding updated content pieces to it using keywords obtained from the Siu-Isa tool to see a rapid improvement in the results and traffic of your site as in the following example

In the end the tool Siu Is hic our is still an experimental tool we use internally in the company and has not been officially announced or put to the public and this is because we are still testing a number of characteristics and trying to improve them to suit the needs of our customers but we invite you today to subscribe with us with a free account and benefit from all the characteristics of the tool that does not stop when finding keywords but the tool includes a large number of important characteristics such as :-

- Technically check your site Site Health up to (5000,000 pages)

- Check the order of your site's words in search engines (up to 10 words)

- Check the external links obtained by your site (up to 500 links)

- Check the external links obtained by your competitors (up to 1000 links)

- Check the activity of your Facebook page (free of charge)

- Check the activity of competitors' Facebook pages (free of charge)

- Check the ranking of competitors' positions on your key words (up to 10 words)

- Manage your local businessGoogle My Business (free)

- Create site-like for your site (free)

- Not Provided keyword detection 

- Post your new site on search engines automatically

- Reveal your location and competitors' sushial signals

- Check the speed of your mobile site and make recommendations to improve it

- The ability to extract files in PDF, CSV or send them by email

All this and more you will get for free for 30 days when you subscribe to the trial group on Facebook and fill out your site data through the following link

Accept my greetings.