Friday, April 8, 2022

How to take advantage of expired domains to improve your SEO

In this article I will share with you a tried-and-tested way to take advantage of the expired domains in the best possible way while at the same time clearly reducing expenses by not purchasing hosted or written content.


First, what are the finished domains: they are domains for sites that were effective at some point and the time of registration and the owner did not do so and therefore became available for registration again for everyone.

What distinguishes the finished domains: during its time of operation, most of these domains got Back Linux and Arthurian from different locations, some of which were already getting big hits, which can then be exploited by you.

Where do you get the finished dominoes? 

There are many ways you can get domains that have expired and are available for purchase again and here I will explain them to you:

1. Expired dominoes markets such as: Domcop

This site gives you access to thousands of finished domains in various fields and filters them by the number of Linux backs obtained and the company's auto-site and is the site archived in Google already or not and this is one of the most important factors that you should take into account so as not to buy a punished domain.

2 . Domain auctions and most famous: Godaddy Auctions

You can also get finished domains through the Godaddy Auctions website, which provides domains that have finished registration, but before they are put up for public sale to users of the site, they are put up for a while within the Goodadi auction platform, which you have to subscribe to annually in exchange for money and bid on the domain you wish to acquire.

3 . Free end-of-domain sites such as Expired Domains

This site provides you with a list of all the domains available to be recorded immediately through the Deleted Domains box but you should check every site you want to buy on specialised sites such as Open Site Explorer and ahrefs to check its Linux back as you should check its archive in Google and see the history of this domain and the field in which it was working in advance by

How to take advantage of expired domains without having to buy hosting or writing content!

Step 1: Search for domain related to the content of your site that you want to get back Linux for by typing a key word close to your field if not in the exact same domain as described in the following example:

Step 2: Check the Linux back that you want to buy by pressing click right on the name of the domain and then Moz Open Site Explorer as shown in the following picture: -

Step 3: Make sure that the password Linux obtained by the domain is related to the content of your site in the sense that in my case the domain has a buck Linux has to do with siu or digital marketing in general and this you can know by the keywords obtained from them back Linux and the pages from which the back Linux.

Because there are some domains you get back Linux from sites with other domains for the purpose of increasing the other and this type of sites is not recommended at all, as it is not recommended any site that holds back Linux from Chinese or Japanese sites or any coding different from the English code ANSI 

Step 4: The process of selecting the right domain may take some time so you do not get bored quickly from searching for the perfect domain you may spend hours looking for one domain to help you improve the results of your site in search engines.

Step 5: Buy a domain from Name cheap for whois 

Step 6: Link the site to a new blog on Bruegel or WordPress in case of a paid hosting.

Step 7: Write an article with the keyword you want to top in Google with the title and transfer content from your site in text and if your site is WordPress or Blueger use the same template used in your main site so that the two sites look exactly the same in the form.

Step 8: Link the site to the platform Search Console and make fetch for the home page until it is re-archived with the title and new description and wait a few days until the old site archive is cleared from Google and only the home page remains its address exactly identical to the current address of your site.

After successfully archiving Google for the site you are ready for the last step which is to convert the domain 301 to the page where you want to top it in Google from the domain control panel on Godady or name cheap

* It is recommended to convert the domain to a specific page within your site and not to the home page

- The way to convert the domain 301 on The Godaddy 

- Domain 301 conversion method on name ceap 

The goal of conversion after archiving domain: When domain 301 is converted its content is identical to the content of the site converted to it and its last presence in the Google archive was titled identical to the title of your current site be the effect of conversion is much stronger and helps you to improve the results of your site faster.

In the end, if you have any questions or questions, 

You can put it in the comment box below.