Friday, April 8, 2022

Top 7 extensions Will Change Your View of Your Firefox On Your Phone!

 Browsers are the first window to access the internet, where you can search through it what you want and who has been starting to browse the apparent results, and there are many browsers on the internet and each of them has different characteristics and features from the other, and on it is considered Mozilla Firefox one of the most famous and most used internet browsers around the world, which caused a significant decline for the dominance of Internet Explorer on browsers,.


making Firefox second place after the giant Google Chrome In terms of the number of times used per day, Firefox browser for the phone is also one of the best browsers that you can use on your device, comes with countless features and valuable functions first of which ease and simplicity of use and fast browsing in addition to protecting the privacy of users and also not consuming additional resources in the space of your phone, thanks to its stylish mobile version, and from the customisation options help editing provided by the browser to enjoy the browsing experience it supports the property of plugins that we find limited only On desktop browsers, in this blog we will get to know 7 of the best recommended plugins if you are using a Firefox browser.

Video Background Play Fix

If you want to play your favourite videos in the background if you are working on something new on your phone, this add-on can be the first option recommended, once installed you will be able to play any video on YouTube in the background, and all you have to do is start the video and get out of the YouTube app and the audio will play in the background with the notification bar you can control the playback or stop the video .

I Don’t Care About Cookies

On May 4, 2016, a new EU law was imposed by website owners to obtain explicit consent from users before collecting their cookie data, and websites that do not ask for permission risk paying huge fines under different laws, which explains why the message appears before accessing any website you visit, which can sometimes be very annoying, so if you don't want these messages to appear, Again, you can install the "I don't care about cookies" add-on to Firefox browser that automatically removes annoying cookies from pop-ups from almost all websites you've accessed.


If you are concerned about your online privacy, this add-on can give you peace of mind in this respect, its primary function in Firefox is that it tells you every script that tracks your activities on web pages, and also improves your online browsing experience securely by preventing any discovery of malicious script target, thus retaining and protecting your sensitive data from those trackers with negative intentions.

Undo Closed Tabs

Just as the name suggests, the function of this add-on is that it allows the retrieval of closed tabs by mistake, i.e. it reopens the file of closed tabs in Firefox, and therefore the function of this add-on is very useful especially if you are performing a lot of important tasks and by mistake they have been closed, which allows them to be retrieved with ease.

Tap Translate

When you browse the sites using Google Chrome and open a page that is not in your language, the option of translating it to support your native language, and Chrome will translate the entire page based on the famous Google Translate service, this add-on works in the same way, after installing them anytime you browse platforms not in your main language you will see the button "Translate", and when you click on it will add translation texts to your language you selected in the past.

Dark Reader

Recently the dark mode feature has been circulated in most of the famous applications we use, a feature that provides users to browse in greater comfort and read well at night, and you can access a similar feature on your browser by downloading the addition of Dark Reader that makes web pages support the dark mode, which will make it easier for you to read the contents of pages at night or in the dark.

Ad-block Plus

You've probably used the tools to block those annoying ads on your computer's browser, adding Ad-block Plus to Firefox that works in a similar way, you'll be able to block all ads on the pages you visit, including annoying video ads on YouTube and Facebook as well.